October 2004: Visit to China

During the second week of his visit, Prof. Haeberle travelled to Beijing for a congress marking the 10th anniversary of the China Sexology Association (Oct. 16-19). On this occasion, he was granted the exceptional honor of giving an invited opening lecture and internet demonstration of his e-learning courses in the Great Hall of the People on Tiananmen Square. The topic was "The Global Future of Sexology". (The subsequent congress itself took place in a hotel.) As expected, the lecture and demonstration met with a great deal of interest, since China is now in the process of exploring all technological innovations for the purpose of mass education. Especially e-learning is seen as a key element in preparing the country for the future. The congress participants had come to Beijing from various distant regions of the country, and many were very grateful for the freely distributed CDs of the Archive web site. In addition to his lecture, Prof. Haeberle also offered a 2-hour live internet chat at the China National Communication and Education Center for Population in Beijing. The uncensored chat dealt quite openly with questions of sex education, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual responses and sexual dysfunctions. Finally, the visit also offered the opportunity to meet with two members of the Archive Advisory Board: Prof. William Granzig and Prof. Ng Man Lun. This meeting confirmed the common wish for even closer co-operation in the future.

Beijing Conference
program cover
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Program of conference opening
with lecture by Prof. Haeberle
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Invitation to the
Great Hall of the People
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Prof. Haeberle, Prof. Granzig,
Prof. Ng in Beijing
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Prof. Haeberle before his lecture
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Prof. Fang-fu Ruan,
Prof. Haeberle
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Congress participants in the Great Hall of the People
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