November 2010: A Visit to Prague

- From November 21-29, Prof. Haeberle visited his colleagues in Prague, who had been instrumental in translating our online curriculum into Czech.  He gave two lecture demonstrations of this new version of the curriculum:  1. At a meeting of the Czech Sexological Society, which awarded him its honorary membership.  2. At the Psychology Department of Charles University for the students of Prof. Petr Weiss. In addition, he also visited the university’s Sexological Institute for an extended discussion with its director, Prof. Jaroslav Zvěřina and his staff about the potential and future development and expansion of our Archive.

Program of the meeting of the Czech Sexological Society, including a lecture demonstration by Prof. Haeberle (click on picture)

Prof. Weiss and Prof. Haeberle at the entrance of the Sexological Institute

Meeting at the Sexological Institute: (From the right:) Prof. Zvěřina, Prof. Haeberle, Prof. Weiss

(From the left:) Dr. Vaclav Urbanek, Dr. Antoni Brzek, Mgr. Pavlina Gregorová, Prof. Weiss

Classroom of the Psychology Department with students of Prof. Weiss (center)
after the lecture of Prof. Haeberle (standing next to him)