June 2011: World Congress for Sexual Health in Glasgow

- From June 12-16, the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) held its 20th biennial congress in Glasgow, Scotland. On this occasion, Prof Haeberle chaired a symposium devoted to the international role of our online curriculum in sexual health. The participants were Prof. M. L. Ng, Hong Kong, Prof. A. Palha, Porto, and Prof. A. Hakobyan, Yerevan. For details of their presentations, click here.

(From the left) At the Glasgow World Congress:
Prof. Haeberle with Prof. Palha and Prof. Hakobyan

 - In Glasgow, Prof. Haeberle also met with three members of or Advisory Board for a discussion about the future of our Archive: Dr. Osmo Kontula, Prof. Patricia Weerakoon, and Prof. M. L. Ng. In addition, he also continued his talks about this subject with with  Prof. Julia Heiman, the director of the Kinsey Institute.

(From the top left) At the Glasgow World Congress: Prof. Haeberle with Dr. Kontula,
Prof. Weerakoon, Prof. Ng, and Prof. Heiman

 - Finally, Prof. Haeberle visited the dormitory where he had lived as a student 50 years ago (1960-1961). Called Kelvin Lodge at the time, it is now run as a hostel open to travellers.

Prof. Haeberle (center) as a student at Kelvin Lodge, 1961. To enlarge, click on picture.

50 years later, Prof. Haeberle with research assistant Gene Bernal on the steps of the same building. To enlarge, click on picture.