January 2013:

1. A visitor from Leipzig

- For the start of the New Year, Prof. Haeberle was visited by a well-wisher from Leipzig, Rosa von Zehnle, publisher of the 175er Verlag ( www.175er-verlag.de ) and operator of the Rosa-Archiv ( www.rosa-archiv.de ) which he founded in 1986. The visit proved to be very fruitful. They talked extensively about the future of the archive in Leipzig and that of similar archives and collections elsewhere. In addition, they discussed current and future publications, including the new edition of Hirschfeld’s Yearbook of Intermediate Sexual Stages (Jahrbuch für sexuelle Zwischenstufen). 

 Rosa von Zehnle, Prof. Haeberle

2. News from the Haeberle Hirschfeld Archive

- Prof. Andreas Krass has – with initial funding for two years - started a reseach unit at Humboldt University devoted to the study of sexological archives and collections. Among these is also the Haeberle-Hirschfeld Archive. The new start was celebrated in a small, private meeting.

(from the left) Dr. Michael Nentwich (former director of the Goethe Institute, Atlanta GA),
Prof. Haeberle, Prof. Krass, Rosa von Praunheim (film maker, author, painter, and graphic artist)