April 2011: A Lecture in Hamburg

- 1. On April 20, Prof. Haeberle gave an invited lecture at the Thalia Theater, Hamburg, for the director, the actors, designers, musicians, and technical staff preparing a new production of J. W. Goethe’s “Faust - Parts I and II”. The title of his lecture was: “Goethes ‘Faust’ - sexualwissenschaftlich betrachtet" (Goethe’s ‘Faust’ from a sexological point of view). This was one in a series of four lectures. The other three were given by Prof. Hans Christoph Binswanger, St. Gallen, Prof. Manfed Osten, Bonn, and Prof. Gernot Böhme, Darmstadt. The new ‘Faust’ production will have its première on July 28th at the Salzburg Festival. The Hamburg première is scheduled for September 30. For the text of the lecture, click here.

Prof. Haeberle (light-colored jacket) and his assistant Gene Bernal (extreme left)
with members of the artistic team preparing the new production of 'Faust' I and II.
The director Nicolas Stemann
(with hat) can be seen at the center.

- 2. Prof. Haeberle also presented the Thalia Theater with a bound copy of satirical cartoons he had created for this occasion under the title Szenen aus Goethes ‘Faust” sexologisch-ironisch betrachtet. (Scenes from Goethe’s ‘’Faust’ - seen through sexological-ironical eyes). For a sample of these cartoons, click here.

Prof. Haeberle presenting a bound copy of his cartoons
to the director Nicolas Stemann