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Cultural Aspects of Sex

Culture and politics

  1. Sexuality Policy Watch

Cultural History

  1. China Sex Museum

Childhood and Adolescence

  1. Childhood in China Today (Precious Children)

The Social Role of Women

  1. 1000 Years of Chinese Footbinding
  2. Sati (Widow-burning in India)
  3. Museum of Menstruation

Sexual Orientation

  1. The Experience of Homosexuality in the Middle Ages
  2. The Homosexual Tradition in China
  3. The Social Construction of Homosexuality
  4. Essays on Gay History and Literature
  5. Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals
  6. Homosexuality in Greece and Rome (U. of Texas)


  1. Marriage Systems



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Historia cultural del sexo:

Cultura y política

  1. Sexuality Policy Watch

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Aspectos culturais do Sexo:

Cultura e política

  1. Sexuality Policy Watch


Kulturelle Aspekte der Sexualität:

  1. Die Harmonie von Yin und Yang - 5000 Jahre Sexualkultur in China (auf unserem Website)

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Histoire culturelle de la sexualité

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