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Sexual Behavior: Statistics:

  1. Abstracts of Sexual Behavior Studies (Database Seksuologie Rutgers Nisso Groep)
    (write "sexual behavior" or "incest" or "homosexuality" or any other topic in search box(es) under "Zoeken - Naar:" and then click on "Begin deze zoekopdracht")
  2. Durex Global Sex Survey Report 2004 (PDF file download link)
  3. Sexual Diaries (on our own website) /GESUND/ARCHIV/BEHAV.HTM
  4. China, Sexual Behavior Today (on our own website) /GESUND/ARCHIV/MAY_97.HTM
  5. General Sexuality Survey
  6. US, Adolescent Sexual Behavior, Pregnancy & Parenthood
  7. US, Age of Partner at First Intercourse
  8. US, Modern Maturity Sexuality Survey (age 45 and up)
  9. US, Sexuality At Midlife And Beyond, Update 2004
  10. US, Non-voluntary First Intercourse
  11. US, Survey of 1092 Swingers
  12. IPPF European Network, WHO Regional Office for Europe and Lund University: Sexuality Education in Europe
  13. Alain Giami / Patrick de Colomby & Groupe Euro-Sexo:
    La profession de sexologue en Europe: diversité et perspectives communes

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