A research project was conducted on primary school children in the late seventies, completed with a retrospective study[1]. Obscene folklore in Nordic school children was studied by Heitmann (1988)[2]. An authority on Norwegian childhood sexuality is Thore Langfeldt, who published widely on the matter in Norwegian and English[3] (cf. Almås and Pirelli Benestad, 2001:p468-9[4]; Martinson, 1994, ch. 2). His original data were derived from clinical material, according to communications, on between eighty and hundred subjects aged seven to 67. Additional data were derived from students attending courses in sexology, young individuals (9-18) in therapy because of sexual problems, and interviews with street boys, Oslo boy prostitutes, and male homosexuals and paedophiles (1981:p37-8).

“Ola Raknes, one of [Wilhelm] Reich’s most prominent Norwegian proponents, did extensive research on the results of the socialization of sexuality in childhood. Raknes was able to identify many adult sexual problems that were related to the repression of the natural sexual urge in childhood” ([no refs]; Almås and Pirelli Benestad, 2001:p450). Also, “[y]oung people are left to learn about sexuality from the media and their peer groups. Many parents still find it difficult to talk to their children about sexuality; they hope that the school will take care of this” (p452).


In a 1987 study by Sundet et al. (1992)[5], median coital debut age was 18 for females, and 18.4 for males, with definite cohort effects, especially for females.



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Last revised: Mar 2005


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