In turn of the century Danish village, for engagement the girl was at least 16, the boy 20 (p97)[1]. Salomonsson (1993)[2] analysed a case of sexual misconduct involving nine girls aged 12-13 in a Swedish town during the 1950’s to demonstrate the moral and social outlook of the authorities, contrasting it with the equally strong ethical values of the working-class families concerned.

Studies informative for childhood include those reported by Hertoft[3]. Masturbation seems to develop in the 12-14 age group, with 15% having experience before age 13. In a study by Auken (1953)[4] among 315 female inpatients, it appeared that the primary source of sexual enlightenment was stated to be “associates” (46.1%), mother (11.9%), fiancé (8.5%), domestic animals (8.8%), sisters (8.5%) and, among other sources, only 3.1% from school, sources, etc. Average age of learning about coitus was 14.4 (some months before menarche), coitus taking place on average at age 19.1. 25.2% of 150 women indicated some childhood sexual experience with an adolescent or adult (p390-4). A study by Wielandt et al. (1989)[5] showed that the median age of coital debut was estimated at 16.8 for both sexes.

A book by Ernst (1979)[6] is primarily analytically oriented, and offers no further perspectives.








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