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Among the Kalingas (Northern Luzon), only a “denegerated form” of olag institution is called maki-obóg; nor would sexual freedom exist here (Barton, 1949:p61)[1]. It is entered at age 10. This institute would not have been defunct among the 1954 Madukayans, according to Scott (1960:p178)[2]. Nudity is not problematised even into adulthood. An informant would deny any age, accomplishment, or other standard for either courtship or marriage; “with some bemusement he pointed out that some boys seem to be more interested in going out to work in the field than they are in the opposite sex”. Child betrothals were most common among the well-to-do, “for the recognized purpose of preserving the family heritage”.







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Last revised: Sept 2004


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