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Referring to unpublished data, Money and Ehrhardt (1973/1996:p130-1[1]; Money, 1977:p229-30)[2] relate that these Batak are known for a “homosexual phase” from about 9 to 19, the time they spend in either an all-male communal house, or with an old widow. This is so while “[i]n late childhood, it is not decent for children to stay sleeping in their parent’s single-roomed house”. The boys practice “primarily mutual masturbation of penis held against penis, maybe anal intercourse, but never fellatio. All members of the group may become one member’s partner, in rotation. Relationships are not necessarily unobserved, but they are always in pairs, not in larger groups”.

Premarital intercourse was a free product (Wilken, 1889:p439-40, op.cit., and refs.).






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