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(Martinique, Aruba, Island Carib)

Martinique (Lesser Antilles)


Fragmentary as it is, Labat[1](1724, II:p52, as cited by Karsch-Haack, 1911:p183)[2] came upon Negro children on Martinique, who, the eldest not older than nine years, practiced the marital act under banana trees.



Aruba, Dutch Antilles (Nederlandse Antillen)


For Aruba, no data are available on childhood or adolescent sexual behaviour socialisation[3]. Infants are played with like “barby dolls”, not excluding the genitals of both sexes, a practice which has very recently come under the scope of abuse issues. Preliminary sex research[4] on adolescents was initially counteracted with the objection to questioning school students on specific sexual practices.


See also Island Carib






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Last revised: May 2005


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