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Our Global Projects

Global Projects

Our ongoing global projects are designed for and require international cooperation. They are and will remain freely accessible online to anyone anywhere.

Projects of this magnitude have never before been attempted in the field of human sexuality, but their enthusiastic reception around the globe demonstrates how necessary they are. Indeed, they are the electronic realization of repeated recommendations made by the World Health Organization (WHO). Today, thanks to the internet, these recommendations have a chance to be followed world-wide. However, the electronic revolution also has promising implications for The Global Future of Sexology. Nevertheless, so far, it has proved impossible to obtain financial support for our projects from the established sources of funding such as international organizations, national governments, private foundations or industrial sponsors. Thus, our pioneering projects continue to depend on the idealism and self-exploitation of the authors involved. They also depend on voluntary, unpaid contributions from outside. Scholars interested in contributing to any one of the projects are invited to contact the respective authors and/or editors directly.

  • World-wide Free Sexual Health Education A curriculum of e-learning courses in sexual health designed for both classroom teaching and individual study. The courses can be used free of charge by anyone at any time and for any purpose. In accordance with our philosophy of "open access" and following repeated recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), we are providing this curriculum for the sexological training of health professionals and specifically for the training of sex educators. We hope that this will prove especially helpful in countries that lack the necessary academic resources. Colleges, universities, and professional organizations are invited to take advantage of some or all of our courses both on campus and in distance education programs. In either case, they may use them as they see fit, possibly as the only teaching material or in connection with other material of their own. Needless to say, our courses can also be used by interested individuals pursuing independent studies. We would like to offer this curriculum simultaneously in several languages, but in order to do so systematically and on a larger scale, we need financial help. So far, only a few courses are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Hungarian, and German. Those willing to support this project should contact the author Erwin J. Haeberle under haeberlee@web.de
  • Sexology World-Wide A directory of sexological institutions, organizations, resource centers, training programs, and scientific journals. By listing all available relevant addresses (and providing direct links, where possible), the directory reflects the present state of sex research, sex education and sex therapy around the world. It also allows comparisons between countries and individual institutions as to availablility of resources and traing programs, academic requirements, curricula, etc.. For additions and corrections, please contact Erwin J. Haeberle at haeberlee@web.de
  • Online Library A growing collection of books, scientific papers and book reviews in several languages. These works, written by various sexological experts, are freely accessible in the practical HTML format.
  • International Encyclopedia of Sexuality A detailed survey of sexual attitudes and behaviors in many countries around the world. The structure of this survey allows point-by-point comparisons between countries in reference to various sexual issues, such as religious, legal, and social attitudes toward sex, sex education, heterosexual and homosexual behavior, gender conflicted persons, unconventional sexual behavior, contraception, abortion, sexual dysfunction and sex therapy, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, and much more. This project is being realized in cooperation with The Continuum Publishing Company, New York, which publishes the hardcover version. For additions and updates, please contact the editor Robert T. Francoeur at RTFrancoeu@aol.com and Jakob M. Pastoetter at afsexology@crosswinds.net 
  •  Human Sexuality: An Encyclopedia A voluminous "classic" encyclopedia covering all aspects of human sexuality. For corrections, updates and new entries, please contact Vern Bullough at vbullough@csun.edu and Erwin J. Haeberle at haeberlee@web.de
  • Growing Up Sexually: 1. World Reference Atlas, 2. The Scripting of Sexual DevelopmentA very large, four-part survey of anthropological literature, covering all countries and all ethnic groups around the world  The emphasis is on the socio-cultural processes by which humans grow up to become "sexual beings". For questions, suggestions, and corrections, please contact the author directly under diederikjanssen@gmail.com