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Internet Prostitution

The internet has opened up new opportunities for the business of prostitution. The sexual service can now be provided over long distances by web cams, i.e. digital “web cameras” that transmit images through the internet directly from one place to another. Here again, there is no direct body contact between prostitute and customer: He can see and hear what she does, but he cannot touch her. Nevertheless, she can provide sexual services, and he can pay her. At this time, there are different forms of internet prostitution. The most common are these:

      1. Sexually explicit still photos
      2. Pre-recorded films and videos
      3. Webcams without the possibility of interaction
      4. Interactive webcams

Some of these are produced by private individuals and some by large companies. Some web sites even offer free pictures or videos made by non-professionals (amateurs) who enjoy exposing themselves or are looking for partners. Virtually all other sexually stimulating materials are available only to pre-paying credit card customers who must prove that they are adults.
An important exception to this rule is the personal webcam connection between private individuals of any age, including teenagers. Some of these use such connections to watch each other strip or masturbate, but, of course, they do not charge each other any fees for it, and thus it has nothing to do with prostitution. Whether their actions are otherwise legal depends on their different countries. However, at least the teenagers are in violation of laws that define a “child” as “anyone under the age of 18” and prohibit the transmission and possession of “child pornography”. While they are probably not aware of it, these teenagers thus become perpetrators and victims at the same time.

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