Therapy as a moral enterprise

Critical Introduction - Old Silent Assumptions

1. The Myth of a "Natural" Human Sexuality

Therapy as a moral enterprise
It is understandable that sex therapists shy away from explaining their moral positions and prefer to hide, for as long as possible, behind seemingly objective criteria, like sexual health and sexual sickness, because this seems to protect them from direct criticism. Thus, they are always tempted to speak in the name of science, seeking protection behind some alleged laws of nature. However, in sciences that deal with human behavior, this strategy can be only of limited use. It is no coincidence that these sciences were once called the "moral sciences" in contrast to the "natural sciences" which deal with matters unaffected by human decisions. However, sexology is nothing if not an interdisciplinary effort, and it has always combined both the natural and the moral sciences. Moreover,
sex therapy, like medicine or any other helping intervention, is never reducible to science but derives its justification from the moral application of scientific insight. Making moral decisions is, therefore, an essential part of any therapist's work. The best anyone can hope for is that these decisions are well-informed.

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