Physical Problems in Males


1: Testicle 2: Epididymis
3: Spermatocele

A spermatocele (from gr. spermatos: “sperm” + kele: “break or cavity”) is a benign cyst or distension with fluid of the spermatic cord in one or several places. The fluid contains sperm (thus the name). Spermatoceles are usually found at the head of the epididemis, next to the top of the testicle. They may be very small or rather large and noticeable, and they may occur on only one or on both sides. They may cause some discomfort or pain, or they may not be felt at all. Indeed, the condition is not uncommon, but many men have no symptoms and thus are not aware of it. The causes are unknown.

A simple, small spermatocele does not require treatment.This remains true even if it is larger, but asymptomatic. However, if it continues to enlarge or causes pain, some medical intervention may be indicated. This may involve the surgical removal of the spermatocele (“spermatocelectomy”).

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