A Complex Issue


A Complex Issue

high projection

average projection

developing countries

developed countries

World population growth from 1750 to 2050 in billions
Sources: Population Reference Bureau (PRB), Worldwatch Institute

Contraception is not just a personal, but also a larger social issue. For example: There are international organizations which try to make contraception available everywhere. On the other hand, there are also many men and women who either remain blind to the consequences of the contraceptive revolution, or who are honestly afraid of them. Indeed, there is a widespread concern that the universal acceptance of contraception might lead to universal promiscuity and moral decay. On the other hand, more and more people are becoming alarmed about the dangers of overpopulation. Indeed, there can be no doubt that a further unchecked growth of the population would produce mounting misery in many parts of the world. Indeed, much of the projected population increase will take place in the poorest, least developed countries, and this will mean an enormous increase in their social and political problems. In our "global village" these problems, in turn, are bound to affect the developed countries as well, and thus our common future could look rather bleak unless something is done about it right now.

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