The Homophobic Mind

Wayne R. Dynes


Originally published at Dyneslines, Feb. 2013.
Reproduced here by permission of the author.


Part One: Religious and Philosophical Aspects
A1.  Homosexuality is unnatural.
A2.  Only sexual acts that can lead to procreation are acceptable; homosexual conduct - like bestiality and anal and oral heterosexual coitus - does not fulfill this condition.
A3.  God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.
A4.  Homosexuality is an offense against the cosmic order, causing earthquakes, plagues, and hurricanes.
A5.  According to Leviticus, homosexuality is an abomination.
A6.  Homosexual conduct is inherently sinful.
A7.  Homosexuality is the work of the Devil.
A8.  Homosexuality equates with heresy.
A9.  Jesus’  Incarnation required the death of the Sodomites.
A10.  The colloquial use of the word “faggot” reflects the medieval custom of burning sodomites at the stake.
A11.  Homosexuality must never be explicitly mentioned: it is truly unspeakable.
Part Two:  Biological Factors
B1. Even brute animals reject homosexuality.  Only human beings, with their limitless capacity for waywardness and perversion, resort to this odious behavior.
B2.  Male and female organs are shaped to fit one another perfectly, and that is all that one need know.
B3.  Homosexuality is pathology, a disease.
B4. Owing to the influence of genes, hormonal factors, and distinctive features of the brain structure, homosexuals stand apart from normals.
B5.  In terms of Darwinian evolution, homosexuality makes no sense.
B6. Homosexuals are biological degenerates.
Part Three: Social Factors
C1.  Homosexuality is against the law.
C2.  Homosexuals have long gravitated to the criminal underworld, with its easy access to alcohol and drugs.
C3.  Tolerating homosexuality spells decadence, the decline of civilization.
C4.  Homosexuals are irresistibly drawn to molest children (pedophilia).
C5.  Not indigenous in healthy countries, homosexuality is a form of corruption introduced from abroad.
C6.  As we know it, homosexuality is an innovation that appeared only a century and a half ago.
C7.  The main cause of male homosexuality is fear of women.
C8.  Homosexuality is typically an aristocratic vice and is generally absent from the common person - unless suborned by money or favors.
C9.  Clannish and secretive, homosexuals are prone to banding together against the common good.
C10.  The US gay-rights movement is a manifestation of far-left subversion, and its goal is to destroy America as we know it.
C11.  Unable to reproduce, homosexuals must recruit to continue their group.
C12.  In defiance of the common good, gays pursue a homosexual agenda and demand special rights.
C13.  Same-sex marriage is simply wrong: the only valid marriage is between one man and one woman.
C14.  As a natural reaction, homosexuality elicits disgust.  It is inherently repellent.
Part Four:  Personal and Psychological Factors
D1.  Homosexuality is abnormal.
D2.  Homosexuality is perversion.
D3. Homosexuality is inversion, involving the reversal of the sex roles that nature has assigned to human beings.
D4.  Same-sex behavior is simply a preference.
D5.  Instead of maintaining a low profile, as decency requires, homosexuals are prone to extravagant displays of excess and exhibitionism.
D6.  Some gay people demonstrate a corrosive negativity,  internalizing the stereotypes that are deployed against them.
D7.  A homosexual orientation typically develops in a family situation in which the mother is too attentive or “close binding,” while the father is aloof or absent.
D8. Typically, homosexuals are given to complaining and grudge gathering.
D9.  The homosexual lifestyle is a manifestation of immaturity.
D10.  Homosexuals are morbidly obsessed with sex.
D11.  Homosexuality is shameful.
D12.  In order to obtain an erotic thrill, some homosexuals are prone to insert gerbils into the rectum.


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