The S.E.T (Sex Education Test)


The following 100 questions have been developed by The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, which has, for several years, used them as part of its comprehensive examinations for the Master's and Doctor's degree in Sexology. Of course, in these academic examinations, the students have to answer many other, more academic questions and a series of additional written and oral tests. However, the limited and more general selection of questions offered here can serve as a tool for all seriously interested readers who want to test their own or other people's sexual knowledge,

How to determine your S.E.T. score:

For the first 75 "True or False" questions, each correct answer scores 1 point (possible total 75), for the following "Multiple Choice" questions, each completely correct answer scores 2 points, and a partially correct answer scores 1 point (possible total 50), Thus, the highest possible combined total is 125.

A score of at least 120 is excellent, a score of at least 110 is good, and a score of at least 100 Is still passable. Those who pass the test, can consider themselves sexually knowledgeable persons.


1. Condoms, spermicidal foams and diaphragms are all non-prescription methods of contraception.

2. Voyeurs ("peeping Toms") are not likely to commit sexual assaults.

3. Androgen therapy is usually successful in treating problems of erection ("impotence").

4. Exhibitionists are likely to attack the people to whom they expose themselves.

5. A person's sexual orientation (i.e. the degree of heterosexual or homosexual interests) can change by itself in the course of time.

6. It is not uncommon for animals of different species to have sexual intercourse with each other.

7. No significant differences in sexual responsiveness have been found between circumcizedand non-circumcized males.

8. Acknowledged lesbians and homosexual men have never been ordained as ministers or priests by any major religious demonination in America.

9. There are about as many female as male trans-vestites,

10. A man can experience orgasm without an erection.

11. A woman's vaginal lubrication is primarily provided by her Greater Vestibular Glands (Bartho-lin's glands).

12. It is usually the sadist who controls a sexuaf encounter with a masochist.

13. An ambisexual person can be monogamous,.

14. Generally speaking, girls reach puberty earlier than boys.

15. Prostitution is now legal in some places in the United States.

16. Sadists are more numerous than masochists.

17. The greater part of a man's semen is produced in the testicles,

18. Generally, a homosexual man is reluctant to make sexual advances to another man unless he is reasonably certain that the other man is also a homosexual.

19. Coitus during menstruation cannot lead to pregnancy.

20. Homosexuality was not considered a disease in medieval Europe,

21. Masturbation is condemned in the Bible.


22. Elimination of prostitution will significantly reduce the spreading of venereal disease.

23. Most males reach the height of their sexual responsiveness in their teens.

24. Most females reach the height of their sexual responsiveness in their teens.

25. Sigmund Freud discovered childhood sexuality.

26. A woman's uterus contracts during orgasm.

27. Anal intercourse is the most common sexual practice among homosexual males.

28. Some women have a greater capacity for sexual response than any man.

29. The distance of the clitoris from the vaginal opening plays a significant role in a woman's sexual responsiveness.

30. The condition known as ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg grows anywhere outside the uterus.

31. There are about just as many female as male fetishists.

32. Most sexual offenses against children are committed by friends or relatives of the victim.

33. Lesbian partnerships usually consist of one woman who is dominant and plays the husband and one woman who is passive and plays the wife.

34. "Obscene" speech is not protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

35. Boys can ejaculate before puberty.

36. Masturbation has never been considered therapeutic before the 20th century.

37. Transsexualism is more common in men than in women.

38. Homosexual behavior is more common among men than among women,

39. The hymen in females serves no known physiological function.

40. Sexual arousal reduces one's capacity to hear, to smell, to taste and to feel with anything like the usual acuity,

41. A man's age is not related to his sexual arous-ability.

42. In general, male fertility is not affected by advancing age.

43. According to most American state penal codes, prostitution is a crime that can be committed only by females.

44. The clitoris does not increase in size during sexual arousal.

45. The castration of sex offenders always eliminates their sexual urges.

46. Women cannot be castrated.

47. Solitary masturbation does not help men in learning how to control the timing of their orgasms.

48. The secretion from Cowper's glands (the bul-bourethral glands) cannot contain sperm.

49. In adults, hormonal treatment can change sexual orientation,

50. Homosexual contact in childhood usually leads to adult homosexual behavior.

51. Rapists are usually heavier consumers of pornography than other men.

52. Boys and girls are unable to have orgasms in the first year of their lives.

53. According to most American state penal codes, persons of the same sex cannot commit incest with each other.

54. A man's testicles shrink during sexual arousal.

55. If properly used, a vaginal suppository is a more reliable contraceptive than a diaphragm and


56. In some states of the United States it is a crime to be a homosexual.

57. According to most American state penal codes, men cannot be victims of rape.

58. Vaginismus is a painful sensation during coitus.

59. It is possible for a person to have gonorrhea without any noticeable symptoms.

60. It is possible for a person to have syphilis without any noticeable symptoms.

61. Ambisexuality. is more common than exclusive homosexuality.

62. Most homosexual men play both "active" and "passive" roles in sexual intercourse, depending on the circumstances.

63. A man's sadistic sexual practices are usually an indication of cruel behavior in other areas of his life.

64. Genital herpes responds more readily to antibiotic treatment than other types of venereal disease.

65. Adultery was once punishable by death in America.

66. Human sexual contact with an animal was once punishable by death in America.

67. It is well documented that a man's penis can be trapped in a vagina as a result of a strong vaginal spasm.

68. As a woman's sexual arousal increases, her clitoris protrudes more and more from under its foreskin,

69. In general, a man's ability to reach orgasm is not affected by his advancing age.

70. The currently existing sex laws in the United States make criminals out of most Americans.


71. A clitoridectomy does not impair a woman's sexual response.

72. Female animals other than humans rarely, if ever, have orgasms.

73. It is possible to determine the sex of an embryo during the first month of pregnancy.

74. According to most United States state penal codes, a man cannot rape his wife.

75. Sex therapists usually try to redirect the attention of their clients from the process to the goal of sexual intercourse.

II. MULTIPLE CHOICE (Note: Some questions have more than one correct answer.)

76. Each normal human body cell contains the following number of chromosomes:

a. 49

b. 48

c. 46

d. 44

77. Sperm ceils are produced in the:

a. seminal vesicles

b. epididymis

c. seminiferous tubules

d. vas deferens

e. prostate gland

78. The sperm count for the average ejaculation is:

a. 250,000,000

b. 2,500,000

c. 250,000

d. 25,000

79. In order to ensure maximum fertility, the temperature in the scrotum should be:

a. higher than the rest of the body

b. lower than the rest of the body

c. about the same as the rest of the body

d. temperature is irrelevant

80. The first four, and most crucial, of Freud's stages of psychosexual development are (in proper order):

a. anal, oral, latency and phallic

b. oral, anal, phallic and latency

c. oral, anal, genital and latency

d. anal, latency, phallic and genital

81. Most males learn about masturbation by:

a. self-discovery

b. hearing about it from others

c. being taught by others

d. reading about it

82. Most females learn about masturbation by;

a. self-discovery

b. hearing about it from others

c. being taught by others

d. reading about it

83. In the Bible, the story of Onan is a polemic against:

a. masturbation

b. birth control

c. polluting the land

d. stealing a dead brother's inheritance

84. Which of the following masturbatory fantasies are socially harmful:

a. Sadistic pedophilia

b. Rape of animals

c. Necrophilia

d. None of the above

e. All of the above

85. A suitable treatment for vaginismus is:

a. Cutting the hymen

b. Use of vaginal dilators

c. Psychoanalysis

d. Squeeze technique

86. Which of the following factors can be a cause of erectile dysfunction?

a. Alcohol

b. Diabetes

c. Poor blood supply to the penis

d. Anxiety

87. Retrograde ejaculation means:

a. Delayed ejaculation

b. Premature ejaculation

c. Ejaculation into the bladder

d. Lack of force in ejaculation

88. Peyronie's disease is:

a. a uterine disease

b. a venereal disease

c. a prostatic disease

d. a penile disease

89. Phimosis is a:

a. Nonretractable foreskin

b. Urethral meatus below the glans penis c Uncircumcised penis

d. Extremely long foreskin

90. Sexual dysfunctions can be caused by:

a. excessive masturbation in childhood

b. physical illness

c. a rigid religious upbringing

d. bad advice from physicians and counselors

e. none of the above

91. Which male-female responses are not analogous:

a. penile erection—vaginaf lubrication

b. Cowper's Gland secretion—Bartholinjs Gland secretion

c. elevation of testes during arousal—reddening of labia rninora

d. nipple erection—nipple and breast enlargement

92. The term "sexual psychopath" is:

a. the current diagnosis of a specific mental disorder

b. a class of disorders in the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association

c. A current legal term with different meanings in different states of the United States


d. a nineteenth century legal term no longer used today

e. a term used in ancient Greece and Rome for sex offenders

f. none of the above

93. Pedophilia refers to a love of:

a. feet

b. adolescent boys

c. prostitutes

d. children

94. The word "urolagnia" refers to:

a. an old-fashioned word for homosexuality

b. disease of the urinary tract

c. erotic interest in urine

d. a urological specialty

95. Current research indicates that children raised by homosexuals are:

a. likely to become homosexuals

b. not more likely to become homosexuals than other children

c. likely to become transvestites

d. not more likely to become transvestites than other children

96. The sexual activity most often associated with heresy in the Middle Ages was:

a. Incest

b. Sex with Jews

c. Masturbation

d. Sodomy

97. Most American laws against "sodomy" prohibit:

a. anal intercourse between males

b. anal intercourse between unmarried males and females

c. anal intercourse between husband and wife

d. oral intercourse between husband and wife

e. oral intercourse between unmarried males and females

f. oral intercourse between males

98. The term for a marriage in which a wife has two or more husbands is:

a. polygamy

b. polygyny

c. polyandry

d. group marriage

99. Which of the following methods are used in early abortions {up to 3 months)?

a. Saline injection ("salting out")

b. D&C (Dilation and Curettage)

c. Hysterectomy

d. Suction method (vacuum spiration)

e. Hysterotomy

100. A male castrated at age 50 will definitely:

a. Lose erectile ability

b. Lose fertilization ability

c. Have a higher voice

d. Have thinner hair

(For answers, see p. 563)



1. false (prescription is required for diaphragm)

2. true

3. false

4. false

5. true

6. true

7. true

8. false (Episcopalians, Methodists, Unitarians a.o. have done so)

9. false (the great majority of transvestites are male)

10. true

11. false

12. false (the masochist is in control)

13. true (the interest in other partners may not be acted out)

14. true

15. true (some isolated places in Nevada)

16. false (the reverse is true)

17. false (it is mostly produced in the prostate)

18. true

19. false (it's very unlikely, but not impossible)

20. true (but homosexual behavior was considered a sin)

21. false (it is never mentioned in the Bible)

22. false (by far the most infections do not involve prostitutes)

23. true

24. false (they reach it in adulthood)

25. false (it was well known to many researchers and laymen before him)

26. true

27. false (oral and manual intercourse are much more common)

28. true

29. false

30. true

31. false {the great majority of fetishists are male)

32. true

33. false

34. true

35. false

36. false {it was so considered in ancient Greece and Rome)

37. true

38. true

39. true

40. true

41. false (arousability decreases with age)

42. false (both sperm count and sperm motility decrease)

43. true

44. false

45. false (it may not, jn some cases)

46. false (the removal of the ovaries is female castration)

47. false

48. false

49. false

50. false

51. false

52. false

53. true

54. false (they swell)

55. false (the reverse is true}

56. false (to be a homosexual has never been a crime anywhere, only to engage in homosexual activity)

57. true

58. false (vaginismus makes coitus impossible to begin with)

59. true

60. true

61. true

62. true

63. false

64. false (it does not respond to antibiotics at all)

65. true

66. true

67. false (the phenomenon does not occur in humans, only in some animals)

68. false (it retracts under the foreskin)

69. false (orgasmic capacity decreases with age)

70. true (cf. laws against statutory rape, adultery, cohabitation, seduction, sodomy, soliciting, lewd behavior etc.)

71. false

72. true

73. false (the embryo is still sexually undifferenti-ated)

74. true

75. false (the reverse is true)

76. c

77. c

78. a

79. b

80. b

81. b

82. a

83. d

84. d (fantasies as such are harmless, no matter what their content; it is only when they lead to action, that they can become harmful. Outlandish sexual fantasies are quite common, but only very few individuals ever carry them out, In these cases, the fantasies were not the cause, but the expression of destructive impulses.)

85. b

86. a, b, c, d

87. c

88. d

89. a

90. b, c, d

91. c

92. c

93. d

94. c

95. b, d

96. d

97. a, b, c, d, f

98. c (a is also correct, although not precise enough)

99. b, d

100. b (a is also passible, but not certain)


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