September 2012: EFS Congress in Madrid

- From September 20-22, Prof. Haeberle, a founding member of the European Federation of Sexology (EFS), attended its 11th congress in Madrid. Together with his Portuguese colleague Prof. Antonio Palha, he presented a lecture and live demonstration of his Archive for Sexology under the title “A Multilingual Open Access Curriculum in Sexual Health”. The abstract of this and all other congress presentations can be found in the 11th EFS Congress Book of Abstracts. The congress also provided an opportunity to introduce the latest Portuguese translation of our online courses. Finally, it was another welcome chance to meet friends and colleagues from various countries for private discussions of current developments in sexology.

E.J. Haeberle with friends and colleagues:

with Chiara Simonelli, Rome, Italy,
President of the EFS

with Salvatore Caruso, Catania, Italy,
President of the EFS Scientific Committee

with Robert Porto, Marseille, France,
 former President of the EFS

with Willy Pasini, Geneva, Switzerland, and Milan, Italy, former President of the EFS 

with Moshe Mock,
Raanana, Israel, Treasurer of the EFS

with Mireille Bonierbale, Marseille, France,
Member of the EFS Executive Committee

with Antonio Pacheco Palha, Oporto, Portugal,
former EFS President, and Alain Giami, Paris, France, Member of the EFS Scientific Committee

with Eli Coleman, Minneapolis, USA,
former President of the WAS

with Esther Esben Pirelli Benestad and
Elsa Almås, Grimstad, Norway

with Osmo Kontula, Helsinki, Finland,
a member of our Scientific Advisory Board

 with Piet Nijs, Mechelen, Belgium, and Petr Weiss, Prague, Czech Republic

Kevan Wylie (blue shirt, blue tie), EFS Vice President, Sheffield, UK, with four EFS gold medalists.
(from the left:) Luca Incrocci, Rotterdam, Netherlands, E.J. Haeberle, Piet Nijs, Petr Weiss