Paper published in “Sexuologie”

- On May 6th, 2013, a conference was held in Berlin, commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Nazi plundering and closing of Hirschfeld’s Institute for Sexology (1919-1933).
At this conference, a number of prominent speakers presented papers, which have now been published in the journal “Sexuologie” (vol. 20, no.1-2, 2013). Among the authors are Julia Heiman, Lelsey A. Hall, Andreas Krass, Volkmar Sigusch, Rainer Herrn, Ralf Dose, Hermann Simon, and Klaus M. Beier.
Prof. Haeberle contributed an essay “Das Haeberle-Hirschfeld-Archiv: Vergangenheit, Gegenwart, Zukunft” (pp. 51-54). The essay describes two complementary archives the author had founded in Berlin - one consisting of printed material, the other electronic. In combination, these two archives de facto already amounted to a rebirth of Hirschfeld’s institute in modern form. Indeed, every single month the online archive alone had more visitors from more countries than the original had known in all 14 years of its existence. However, the university never found any use for its new, globally popular  successor. Thus, only the print archive now remains in Berlin. Here is the abstract of the essay in English:


100 years ago (1913), the first sexological societies were founded in Berlin. 80 years ago (1933), Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institute for Sexology was plundered and closed by the Nazis. Today, there are two archives in Berlin bearing Hirschfeld’s name, both founded by the author: A print version, the Haeberle-Hirschfeld-Archiv, now owned by Humboldt University, and the author’s privately run electronic Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology in 15 languages. Unfortunately, Humboldt University has shown no interest in acquiring the latter and thereby creating a new Hirschfeld-Institut in Berlin.