July 2012: IASR meeting in Portugal

- From June 8 -11, Prof. Haeberle, a member of the International Academy of Sex Research (IASR), attended its annual meeting at the Hotel Palacio in Estoril, Portugal. As usual, the substantial scientific program  covered a wide range of topics various forms of sexual functions and dysfunctions in both females and males, discussions of research methodology, gender and transgender issues, sexual behaviors and attitudes of young people, online sexual materials and their uses, sexual minority problems, sexual offenses etc. etc.. Not all of this research will be published in the IASR journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, but  will appear in different scientific journals devoted to other specialties, such as psychology, sociology, gender studies, and the like. This makes it difficult  for outsiders to follow everything in current sex research, but it once again demonstrates the multi-disciplinary character of our field. The meeting also provided an opportunity to talk to old friends and collegues again. 

Erwin J. Haeberle with some of his colleagues

with Richard Green (London),
founder of the IASR

with Pedro Nobre (Porto),
host of the Estoril meeting

with Aleksandar Stulhofer (Zagreb), host of the next European meeting in Dubrovnik 2014

with Kevan Wylie (Sheffield),
Vice President of both the WAS and EFS

with Petr Weiss (Prague)

with Charles Moser (San Francisco)

with Heino Meyer-Bahlburg (New York) and Hartmut Bosinski (Kiel)