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Women's Health:

  1. WHO Department of Gender, Women and Health
  2. European Institute of Women's Health
  3. Womenwatch
  4. eMedicine Consumer Health
  5. Harvard University Medical School
  6. The International Pelvic Pain Society
  7. Hormone Foundation
  8. InteliHealth: Women's Health,IHW|~st,9103|~r,WSIHW000|~b,*|
  9. International Society for Sexuality and Cancer
  10. Johns Hopkins University - Dermatology Image Atlas
  11. MayoClinic Health Oasis
  12. Medicalization of Female Sexuality (on our website)
  13. Medline plus Health Information
  14. Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy
  15. National Women's Health Resource Center
  16. Online Dialogue on Women and Health (UN)
  17. The University of Wisconsin Center for Women's Health and Women's Health Research
  18. Healthline: Menopause
  20. OSSD (Organization for the Study of Sex Differences)
  21. BioMedSearch - Biomedical Search Engine
  22. Sex, health, and years of sexually active life gained due to good health:
    evidence from two US population based cross sectional surveys of ageing (BMJ Research)
  23. American Society of Addiction Medicine: Definition of Addiction
  24. Sex Differences and the FDA Critical Path Initiative
  25. - Autoimmune Disease and Pregnancy Guide

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Salud de la mujer:

  1. Información sobre salud y bienestar de la mujer

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Gesundheit der Frau:

  1. Almeda,2571,Cat67,00.html
  2. Onmeda Medicine World-wide

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Santé de la femme:

  1. Obstétrique/Gynécologie (Hôp. Sacré Coeur, Montréal)

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