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Andere Websites / Des autres sites web en sexologie


  1. Prostitutes' Education Network:
  2. BAYSWAN- Information about Sex Worker Rights and Related Issues:
  3. Correlation - (European Network Social Inclusion & Health)
  4. European Prostitution Report (EUROPAP-Report)
  5. Redefining Prostitution as Sex Work
  6. San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution, final report 1996
  7. Sex Work in China
  8. Thai Women in Japan
  9. Sex Workers Manifesto, Calcutta, 1997
  10. World Charter For Prostitutes' Rights
  11. US National Institute of Justice:
    Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: What Do We Know and What Do We Do About It?

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  1. Sexworker Forum
  2. Gigi - Zeitschrift fr sexuelle Emanzipation
  3. Doa Carmen e.V. (Verein fr soziale und politische Rechte von Prostituierten)

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