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Gender, Transgender, and Intersex Issues: 

  1. WHO Department of Gender, Women and Health
  2. International Society for Men's Health and Gender
  3. EngenderHealth
  4. Gender and Health Equity Network
  5. Organisation Internationale des Intersexués
  6. The World Professional Association For Transgender Health (WPATH)
  7. Gender Talk
  8. Press For Change
  9. International Bill of Gender Rights
  10. International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) Online Resources
  11. Intersections - Gender, History & Culture in the Asian Context
  12. Intersex Society of North America
  13. Renaissance Transgender Association
  14. Surgical Treatment of Infants with Ambiguous Genitalia (on our own website)
  15. The International Journal of Transgenderism
  16. Transsexualism / Gender Transition FAQ
  17. Safra Project: Sexuality, Gender and Islam
  19. AEGIS Online
  20. Teaching Gender Equality to Teens
  21. Center for Gender Sanity
  22. Pacific Center for Sex and Society
  23. OSSD (Organization for the Study of Sex Differences)
  24. Transgender EuroStudy (PDF)
  25. Institute of Medicine (IOM): The Health of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People:
    Building a Foundation for Better Understanding 
  26. Anne Lawrence: Transsexualism
  27. Trans Youth Family Allies:

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Género, transgénero, transgenericidad, etc.:

  1. Las Personas Intersexuadas Cuestionan las Operaciones
  2. Organisation Internationale des Intersexués

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Gender, Transgender und Intersex:

  1. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transidentität und Intersexualität e.V.
  2. Netzwerk DSD/Intersexualität - Disorders of Sex Development (DSD)
  3. TransInterQueer e.V.
  4. Intersexuelle Menschen e.V.
  5. Internationale Vereinigung Intergeschlechtlicher Menschen (IVIM)
  6. Organisation Internationale des Intersexués 

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Genre, dysphorie de genre etc.:

  1. Transsexualité et l'Identité de Genre (Caritig)
  2. Transsexuels etc.
  3. Organisation Internationale des Intersexués

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