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    At this time, the Archive has the following holdings:

    I. Books

    (ca. 1 500 titles):

    The books cover the following areas:

    Textbooks of Sexology (American, German, Norwegian, Swedish)
    Sexological Literature of the former GDR
    History and Theory of Sexology
    Methodology of Sex Research
    Sex Surveys (American, British, French, Finnish, Chinese, and others)
    Medical Sexology
    Sex Therapy
    Feminism, Women's Studies
    Biology of Sex
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    Sex and Gender,
    Transsexualism, Transvestism
    Sex and the Law
    Sex Education
    Homo- and Bisexuality
    Sexual Minorities
    Erotic Art
    Reference books
    Various other books

    II. Journals

    (44 titles):




    Bibliosex (current bibliography)
    The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality


    Apollo & Selene (Journal of the Asian Federation for Sexology)
    Journal of Chinese Sexology
    Journal of Chinese Sex Education


    Jahrbuch für sexuelle Zwischenstufen (1899 - 1922, complete)
    Zeitschrift für Sexualwissenschaft (1908 - 1932, complete)
    Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung
    Sexuologie (complete)
    DGG Informationen (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geschlechtserziehung)
    Schriftenreihe sozialwissenschaftliche Sexualforschung
    Zeitschrift für Gesundheitswissenschaften
    Pro Familia Magazin
    Capri - Zeitschrift für schwule Geschichte (complete)
    Mitteilungen der Magnus-Hirschfeld-Gesellschaft (complete)
    Forum Sexualerziehung


    Cahiers de Sexologie Clinique
    Sexologies European Journal of Medical Sexology


    Quaderni di Sessuologia e Scienze Psicobiologiche
    Rivista di Scienze Sessuologiche
    Rivista di Sessualogia Clinica


    JASE Monthly Report of Sex Education


    Sexualidade & Planeamento Familiar


    Nordisk Sexologi


    Revista de Sexología


    Esim ve Ben


    Annual Review of Sex Research (complete)
    Journal of Sex Research
    Archives of Sexual Behavior
    Journal of Homosexuality (complete)
    Journal of American College Health
    Journal of Gender Studies
    Journal of the History of Sexuality
    Journal of Sex Education and Therapy
    Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy
    Sexology (1938 - 1966)
    Sex Roles
    Sexuality and Disability (complete)
    SIECUS Report (Sex Information and Education Council of the US)
    SIECUS Bibliographies

    III. Newsletters

    (9 titles):


    DGSS Mitteilungen (Deutsche Gesellschaft für sozialwissenschaftliche Sexualforschung)
    GPS Mitteilungen (Gesellschaft für praktische Sexualmedizin)


    "fos" Newsletter (Forum Sexuality)
    Sexuality in Society (NISSO)


    Boletín de Información Sexológica


    FSSS Foundation Newsletter (Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sex)
    SSSS Newsletter (Society for the Scientific Study of Sex)
    AASECT Newsletter (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists)
    IASHS Alumni Magazine

    IV. Popular Journals of Sexological Interest

    Several American and European journals of this kind are available.

    V. "Gay" Journals and Newspapers

    (10 titles):

    Czech Republic:

    Soho (complete)




    De Gay Krant


    Gay in America
    Bay Area Reporter
    S. F. Bay Times
    Gay Press
    Coming Up!

    VI. Audiovisual Media:

    Videos on the following topics (over 100 titles):

    History of Sexology
    Sex in China
    Sex Research in China
    How to Take a Sex History
    Sexual Biology
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Human Female Sexuality
    Sexological Training of Physicians
    Sex Therapy
    STD Prevention
    Sex Education
    Sex and Aging
    Sexologically relevant dramatic films

    Slides on the following topics (ca. 1500 items):

    History of Sexology
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Sexual Response
    STDs and AIDS
    AIDS in San Francisco
    Sociology of Sex
    Family Structures
    Erotic Art

    Transparencies on the following topics (ca. 400 items):

    Sex and Gender
    Sexual Behavior
    Sexual Response
    Sexual Dysfunctions
    Sex Therapy
    Sexual Orientation
    Social Aspects of Sex
    Sex Education
    STDs and AIDS

    Photos on the following topics (ca. 500 items):

    History of Sexology
    Historical Erotic Postcards
    Piercing and Tatooing

    CompactDiscs and Audio cassettes on the following topics:

    Sex Tourism
    History of Sexology
    Sex Education

    In addition: Various directories of producers and sellers of sexological audiovisual materials.

    VII. Historical Documents (ca. 2 000 items)

    Original manuscripts, letters, photos and other documents of important early sex researchers, e.g.
    Harry Benjamin Iwan Bloch René Guyon Magnus Hirschfeld Ludwig Levy-Lenz

    Herbert Lewandowski Max Marcuse Albert Moll Eugen Steinach Felix Theilhaber

    VIII. Questionnaires

    An international collection of questionnaires for sex surveys.

    IX. Press Archive (selected topics)

    A collection of sexologically relevant articles from the German and American press.

    X. "Gray Literature"

    "Gray literature" from all over the world on STD Prevention and Sex Education. Over 5000 titles (data base).

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