Growing Up Sexually


MONI (Irian Jaya, Indonesia)





Van Nunen (1973:p73)[1]:


“even youths at the age of eight already know the distinction between […] those with whom they may marry and have sexual relations […] and those with whom such relations are precluded”.


Marriage is arranged by the boy’s father, who suggests his choice for the boy to consent, if he has not already fancied an other (p73-4). Marriage age is usually 17 (F) and 20 (M) (p28). “The girl is watched closely by her parents and by her older brothers to prevent promiscuity. During her first menstruations she is subjected to a number of taboos. Her brothers spend the night with her and keep her awake by singing; if she falls asleep during the singing it is believed she will remain barren” (p29).






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Last revised: Oct. 2004


[1] Nunen, Bernard Otto van (1973) The Community of Kugapa: A report on research conducted in 1957-1958 among a group of Moni in the Central Highlands of Irian Jaya, IrianVol. II (2) []