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Ordos Mongols (Mongolia)


Among the Rev. Kler[1] observed that “[t]he Mongols are very affectionate to their children and frequently kiss them on the mouth or forehead or smell their hair. They have yet another custom none too decent. When elders, -- parents or friends--, play with infants, they commonly touch the child’s genitals and caress them, saying at the same time: “Give me this”, -- a custom daily observable also among the pagan Chinese” (p64).

Also, “In the very hot Mongolian summer the children up to the age of ten or twelve play on the sand dunes entirely nude, except perhaps for their boots”. “Among the Ordos Mongols, children are sometimes betrothed even before birth. This custom, called eŭndege in swie (“Match-making before birth”), is thought by the Mongols to be of very nacient origin. […] the actual age of marriage today [1938] varies a great deal, from four or five years to sixteen or seventeen, the average or ordinary age being fifteen” (p66).









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Last revised: Dec 2004


[1] Kler, J. (1938) Birth, Infancy and Childhood among the Ordos Mongols, Anthropol Quart 11,3/4:58-66