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Benderet al. (2001)[1]:


“There is no Icelandic study that provides any information about masturbation. Today, it is stressed that masturbation is a good way to get to know oneself. […] No Icelandic studies have been done about the sexual explorations of young children. […] A 1977 study by Sigurgestsson showed that among 14-year-olds, 23.2 percent of the boys and 21.2 percent of the girls said they had had sexual intercourse. This was considerably higher than in countries like Denmark, and the difference between genders was less in Iceland compared to other countries like Norway. A 1990 study showed results similar to those reported by Sigurgestsson: 25.6 percent of 14-year-old boys and 22.5 percent of the girls said they had had sexual intercourse (Axelsdottir et al. 1990)” [read further: IES]



Additional refs:


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