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Cowgill and Hutchinson (1963)[1] (as cited by DeMause, 1989)[2] reported that all the girls were very flirtatious with the grown men, often overtly sexual even as very young girls. When they looked for the reasons why, they found a very high boy/girl ratio and noticed that girls were regularly allowed to die off - through giving them less food and by other neglect - if they did not appeal sexually to the men around them.

In Guatemala, 9.0% of males and 2.6% had their first sexual intercourse at age 12 or below (Herold et al., 1988)[3]. Mean ages were 16.7 (F) and 14.8 (M).

Redfield (1943 [1970:p291])[4] notes that, within a pattern of casual and unsystematic education typical of the rural Landino, “[s]ome parents will select a serious and special moment in which they convey sex instruction […]”. Traditionally, San Pedro girls, “as in much of native Middle America, were carefully supervised from the time they reached puberty; they could make direct contact with marriageable boys only by devious means. The sexes were separated early in childhood […]” (Paul and Paul, 1963:p134)[5].

Wagley[6] documents that most boys of twelve or thirteen years of age have a special male friend or companion called tukl-haj in Mam) of approximately their own age; this is interrupted by (early) marriage. “There is obviously a warm personal attachment between two companions, but all of my informants denied that it ever became an overt sexual relationship. In fact, one of the main activities of the two companions is to arrange sexual encounters with women” acting as go-betweens (p35-7). They have to because


“[g]irls are warned by their parents when they are ten or eleven years old to stay away from youths and older men. […] Daughters must be protected so they will be virgins at marriage, and the one reason for the early marriages in Chimaltenango is to be certain that the young wife is a virgin. Only when a girl is not married by the time she is sixteen or seventeen is the vigilance of her parents relaxed enough to give her the opportunity to indulge in a premarital affair. […] When young girls of thirteen or fourteen years of age do have pre-marital sex experience, it is through seduction by an older man”.


Marriages between ten or eleven (boys), and for girls preferably a year earlier, are considered “excellent “because they grow up together” ” (p37). “If the couple is already adolescent at marriage, intercourse does generally take place as soon as they have moved to the husband’s father’s house. When the girl is a virgin, she usually resists her young husband “until she learns” ” (p40-1).


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