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Yun Hwa Kim (1993:p44/1997)[1]:


“When A girl begins menstruation, she is regarded old enough to marry. If a man wants to marry a girl who has not yet reached her first menses, her mother objects that she is still too young to be married”.






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Last revised: Oct. 2004


[1] Yun Hwa Kim (1993) Edopi kinship, marriage and social structure, Irian 21:33-50. Reprinted in Gregerson Marilyn J. & Sterner, Joyce K. (Eds., 1997) Kinship and social organization in Irian Jaya: A glimpse of seven systems. InternationalMuseum of Cultures Publication, 32. Jayapura & Dallas: Cenderawasih University & Summer Institute of Linguistics, p199-220 [http://www.papuaweb.org/dlib/irian/21.pdf]