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A Bulgarian sample of children’s erotic folklore was collected by Badalanova (1993, 1995, 1996)[1]. For a note on formal sexual education, see Grassel and Bach (1979:p296-7)[2]. “After the baby has arrived the children are told that the stork has brought a little brother or sister to them through the chimney and they are very glad about it”, was the way a proud father phrased the matter in the course of our conversation about the arrival of his son”  (Sanders, 1949:p31)[3]. Premarital liberties are very few (p83, 147).

Siposova et al. (1999)[4] studied the psychosexual development of heterosexuals vs. homosexuals. In a further study[5] of 96 Varna girls aged 15-18, it was established that 50% of them had had a sexual intercourse, in 77.1% defloration occurred at the age of 16 or 17. 82.3% report “love” as their main motive, 12.5% report to have done it “out of curiosity” and only in 7.2% it happened “by chance”.

























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