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1. Modern Sexological "Classics"
2. Encyclopedias / Atlas
3. Sex Surveys
4. WHO Reports
5. Works by E. J. Haeberle
6. Others

Modern Sexological "Classics"

  1. Bullough, Vern L.: Science in the Bedroom
  2. Guyon, René: Human Rights and the Denial of Sexual Freedom
  3. E. Berscheid, and E. Hatfield Walster: Interpersonal Attraction
  4. Hatfield, E., and Rapson, R.L.: Love, Sex, and Intimacy
  5. Hatfield, E., and Sprecher, S.: Mirror, Mirror...
  6. Reiss, Ira L., Premarital Sexual Standards in America
  7. Reiss, Ira L., The Social Context of Premarital Sexual Permissiveness
  8. Reiss, Ira L., Journey Into Sexuality - An Exploratory Voyage
  9. Reiss, Ira L., An End to Shame

Encyclopedias / Atlas

  1. Haeberle, Erwin J., Bullough, Vern L. and Bonnie Bullough, eds.: Human Sexuality: An Encyclopedia
    (Download the complete book as ZIP file (3MB): SEN.ZIP )
  2. Francoeur, Robert T., ed.: International Encyclopedia of Sexuality
    (Download the complete book as ZIP file (4MB): IES.ZIP )
  3. Janssen, D. F.: Growing Up Sexually (A four-part survey of anthropological literature)
  4. Dynes, Wayne R.: Homolexis Glossary

Sex Surveys

  1. Haavio-Mannila, E. and Kontula, O.: Sexual Trends in the Baltic Sea Area
  2. Kontula, O. and Haavio-Mannila, E.: Sexual Pleasures - Enhancement of Sex Life in Finland
  3. IPPF European Network, WHO Regional Office for Europe and Lund University:
    Sexuality Education in Europe
  4. Schiftan, D.: Sexual Behavior in German-Speaking Switzerland

WHO Reports

  1. WHO 1975, Education and Treatment in Human Sexuality
  2. PAHO/WHO/WAS 2001, Promotion of Sexual Health Recommendations for Action

Works by E. J. Haeberle

  1. Haeberle, E.J.: The Sex Atlas (also available in German and Turkish)
  2. Haeberle, E.J.: Critical Dictionary of Sexology
  3. Haeberle, E.J.: Glossary of Inappropriate Scientific and Professional Terms
  4. Haeberle, E.J.: E-Learning Course: Basic Human Sexual Anatomy and Physiology
    (also available in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, German, Czech, Hungarian, and Farsi)
  5. Haeberle, E.J.: E-Learning Course: Human Reproduction
    (also available in Chinese, German, Czech, and Hungarian)
  6. Haeberle, E.J.: E-Learning Course: Physical Problems in Females and Males
    (also available in Chinese, Portuguese, and Hungarian)
  7. Haeberle, E.J.: E-Learning Course: Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Their Prevention
    (also available in Chinese, Portuguese, and Hungarian)
  8. Haeberle, E.J.: E-Learning Course: Sexual Dysfunctions and Their Treatment
    (also available in Chinese, Spanish, and Hungarian)
  9. Haeberle, E.J.: E-Learning Course: Human Sexual Behavior
    (also available in Chinese and Hungarian)


  1. Kotb, H.G.: Sexuality in Islam
  2. Calimach, A.: Lover's Legends - The Gay Greek Myths
  3. Moser, Ch.: Health Care Without Shame