Appendix VI
Selected Self-Help Books For Patients/Clients


The selected titles below are mentioned in various chapters in this book. They have been assembled here also so that the reader may easily see them at a glance. A more thorough list of self-help books is found in: Althof SE, Kingsberg SA: Books helpful to patients with sexual and marital problems: a bibli­ography, J Sex Marital Ther 18(l):70-79, 1992.



Brecher EM: Love, sex, and aging, Boston, 1984, Little, Brown, and Company.

Child Sexual Abuse

Danica E: Don't: a woman's word. Charlottetown,

1988, Gynergy Books. Maltz W: The sexual healing journey, New York,

1991,                       HarperCollins Publisher, Inc.

Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Carnes P: Out of the shadows, Minneapolis, 1983, CompCare Publishers.


Michael RT et al: Sex in America: a definitive survey,

Boston, 1994, Little, Brown and Company. Chernick BA, Chernick AB: In touch: the ladder to sexual satisfaction, Huron Street, London, On­tario, 1992, Sound Feelings Limited.

Medical Illness

Schover LR: Sexuality and fertility after cancer, New York, 1997, John Wiley & Sons.

Men and Sexual Issues

Zilbergeld B: Male sexuality. Toronto, New York,

1978, Bantam Books. Zilbergeld B: The New Male Sexuality, New York,

1992,                       Bantam Books.

Orgasm in Women

Heiman JR, LoPiccolo J: Becoming orgasmic: a sexual and personal growth program for women, revised and expanded edition, New York, 1976, 1988, Prentice Hall Press.

Barbach LG: For yourself: the fulfillment of female sexu­ality, New York, 1975, Anchor Books.

Blank J: Good vibrations: the complete guide to vibrators, San Francisco, 1989, Down There Press.

Premature Ejaculation

Kaplan HS: PE: how to overcome premature ejaculation, New York, 1989, Brunner/Mazel, Inc.

Safer Sex

McIlvenna T (ed): The complete guide to safer sex, Fort Lee, 1992, Barricade Books Inc.

Sexual Desire

Williams W: Rekindling desire: bringing your sexual re­lationship back to life, Oakland, 1988, New Har­binger Publications Inc.

Sexual Orientation

Isay R: Becoming gay: the journey to self-acceptance, New York, 1996, Pantheon Books. 

Mondimore FM: A natural history of homosexuality, Baltimore and London, 1996, The Johns Hop­kins University Press.

Women and Sexual Issues

Hite S: The Hite report: a nationwide study on female sexuality, New York, 1976, Macmillan Publish­ing.

Blank J: Femalia, San Francisco, 1993, Down There Press.

Bright S, Blank J: Herotica 2: a collection of women's erotic fiction, 1991, Down There Press.


Valins L: When a woman's body says no to sex: under­standing and overcoming vaginismus, New York, 1992, Viking Penguin.