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Volume 4, No 4, December 30, 2011


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¡°2011 Academic Conference of the International Society of Chinese Sexual Health¡± Held Haikou in China


Mary Lao

<Chinese Sexuality Health Times>, New York, USA


On November 11 ¨C 13, ¡°2011 Academic Conference of the International Society of Chinese Sexual Health¡± was held Kaikou in China. Meeting focus discuss to dynamic, hot spots, doubt, and other issues on in-depth around the Chinese sexual health promotion, and the latest developments in research, treatment and prevention of disorders. The conference was organized by the International Society of Chinese Sexual Health (ISCSH), and Hainan Association of Mental Health.

The meeting was attended by well-known experts. They are Prof. DENG Mingyu (President of the International Association of Chinese Medical Specialists & Psychologists, Chairman of the International Society of Chinese Sexual Health, President of the Institute for Oriental-western Human Sexuality), Prof. LI Jianming (Executive director of the International Association of Chinese Medical Specialists & Psychologists, Vice Chairman of the International Society of Chinese Applied Psychology, Executive director of the China Association of Mental Health, Professor of Hebei Union University School of Psychology), and Prof. DU Wendong (Director of the International Association of Chinese Medical Specialists & Psychologists, Vice Chairman of the International Society of Chinese Psycho-counselors, President of Medical Psychology Branch of the Chinese Association of Higher Education, et al.

Mr. WANG Yaotang (Director of the International Society of Chinese Sexual Health, President of the Qingdao Renai Hospital) reported that ¡°Some innovative thinking point of view of the clinical studies of sexual medicine¡±. ZHU Meiyun (Director of the International Society of Chinese Psycho-counselors, President of the Chongqing Institute of Zhu Meiyun counseling) reported that ¡°Tiaoyu technology of Dian-tong treatment¡±.


Prof. DENG Mingyu speaker ¡°Advanced workshops of counselors¡¯ growth and sexual counseling¡±. The main contents include: 1. Thirty years of development - three waves of Chinese contemporary psychological counseling (1979-2009); 2. Counselors¡¯ eight stages of personal growth; 3. The status and trends of psychological counseling and psychotherapy in USA; 4. Mental health education, counseling and peer counseling in American universities; 5. Basic requirements, implementation procedures and counseling skills in psychosexual counseling; 6. Identification and diagnosis of sexual disorders; 7. Psychological and behavioral training techniques in sexuality; 8. International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education (UNESCO).

Participants carried out extensive exchanges that content of the delegates of sexual health education, sexual psychology teaching, psychological counseling and treatment


Dr. DENG Mingyu Lecture ¡°Psychosexual Counseling and Sexuality Education in USA¡± in Southern Medical University


Mary Lao

<Chinese Sexuality Health Times>, New York, USA


Vehicles should be Director of Department of Psychology of the Southern Medical University -- Professor ZHANG Xiaoyuan's invitation, Dr. DENG Mingyu (President of the Institute for Oriental-western Human Sexuality, Chairman of the International Society of Chinese Psycho-counselors, Vice-president of the World Association of Chinese Sexuality) lectured Psychosexual Counseling and sexuality education in USA¡± in Southern Medical University in Guangzhou in China in November 18, 2011. Hundreds teachers and students participate in this seminar.

The lectures of Professor DENG Mingyu divided into two parts. The first part is psychosexual counseling in the United States. Include basic concepts of sexual psychology, basic characteristics of human sexual response cycle, standard of psychosexual health, range and basic procedures of sexual counseling, identification points of sexual dysfunctions and psychosexual disorders, and basic method of sexual psycho-behavior treatment.


The second part of the lecture is the sex education of the United States. Professor Deng first introduced the five stages and three modes of U.S. sex education in the development. He special spoke application of ¡°Model of Comprehensive Sexuality Education¡± in the different ages. Then, he lectured highlight the public class "human sexuality" in American University.

Professor Deng is engaged his 27 years of clinical experience in sex psychological counseling and behavioral therapy, referenced of large number of clinical cases in the teaching, allow participants to benefit. In the interaction, the students made ​​a lot of problems. Such as: sex love and sexual behavior of college students, contradictions of relations between love and sexual, sexual arousal disorder, homosexuality, etc. Professor Deng answers to these questions, and were analyzed some errors and misconceptions for the Chinese mainland field of psychological counseling and sexuality.

Head of the Department of Psychology of Southern Medical University, on behalf of all participants of teachers and students thanks the lectures of Professor Deng. They hope to Professor Deng once again come the university to give lectures, bringing more information and advanced science and philosophy in USA.




In the Past, Present and Future: Sexuality Health Education and Gender Education for Young People

Mingyu DENG & Shiyan LAO

Institute for Oriental-Western Human Sexuality, New York, USA


¡¾Abstract¡¿ With the tremendous changes in social life, sex and values ​​through a huge change, growing out of concern for AIDS, in some obscure way the history of the spread of knowledge has begun to enter the world of education in most countries field of sex education in primary efforts are put into practice, but the sex education content, methods and results of the controversy has been no agreement. the author believes that only adhering to the basic purpose of sex education for comprehensive health education and anti-stereotype sex education, in order to allow more understanding of the body to understand the object of education, and thus get rid of ignorance as a result of all avoidable personal and social tragedy.

¡¾Key words¡¿ sexuality health education, health education, sex education, Young people, AIDS


The Controversy of Sexuality Education and Solve a Problem

Yen-Chin Lin

Professor, Graduate School of Human Sexuality, Shu-Te University, Taiwan

¡¾Abstract¡¿A look at the history of campaigns against sexuality education shows that many of them were based on claims related to supposed negative moral. In some communities, organized groups formed to prevent or combat sexuality education. As a result, many communities hesitated even to consider a sexuality education program. In some place, there were also attempts to legislate against sexuality education programs. In spite of this opposition, today there are many excellent sexuality education programs throughout the world. 

    Sound suggestions for defense against extremist attacks do exist. We need to remember that a large majority of parents, professional and lay organizations, and community leaders are in favor of good sexuality education programs. Organized community efforts in support of sexuality education that focus on facts related to program planning, implementation, and content can go a long way in eliminating many negative claims. Public meetings about sexuality education can bring out individuals with many varied opinions. If run properly, such meetings can give the public confidence that the program is sound.  

¡¾Key words¡¿Sexuality Education, Controversy  

The Build a Heterosexuality Intimacy and Fact to the Problem


Yuan-Hsiang Chu

Professor, Graduate School of Human Sexuality, Shu-Te University, Taiwan


¡¾Abstract¡¿When people have difficulty establishing intimate relationships, they may well display behaviors that make it difficult for others to relate to them on more than a superficial level: shyness, hostility, self-centeredness, or insensitivity. Sexual sharing, in such a no intimate context, may be physically satisfying, but in time it often loses the deeper feelings of fulfillment and commitment that help a relationship to flourish and endure. There is evidence that women and men sometimes view intimacy in different contexts. Men of- ten interpret intimacy within the contexts of genital sexual activity. Such differences may mean that couples will need to negotiate levels of intimacy that are acceptable to each partner.

Evolutionary psychology theorists, then , believe that traditional assumptions about mate selection being arbitrary or culture-bound are incorrect, They maintain that cross-cultural evidence suggests that the complex decision-making processes involved in choosing a mate are patterned and universal themes built into human psyches and societies by evolutionary imperatives. This does not mean that men look solely upon women as sex objects, or that woman view men only as success objects. They will also be looking for personality characteristics that would suggest the other person will be cooperative and make a good parent. Both sexes clearly place tremendous importance on factors such as mutual love and kindness when seeking a long-term mate.

¡¾Key words¡¿ Heterosexuality, Intimacy


   The Analysis of Securing the Sexual Health Rights of Migrant Workers


Deng Yong

Faculty of Law, China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing, 100088


¡¾Abstract¡¿ As a vulnerable group in society, migrant workers cannot have their legitimate rights and interests properly secured because of their humble social status and the limited economic condition, also because of the fact that many systems in the mode of the dual social structure in which urban and rural areas are isolated have not been fundamentally reformed. And they have to face the fact that their rights and interests are neglected, harmed and even trampled. They are in the fringe region where they are accepted in economy but excluded in system. The chinese people is one with introverted character and are apt to get frightened on the mere mention of sex, because the sexual health right is a basic right. In the course of urbanization, people often neglect to respect and protect the sexual health rights of migrant workers. And this phenomenon is becoming especially universal and serious, which leads to various social contradictions and conflicts.Therefore, This paper gives a comprehensive and systematic exposition of the basic theory about sex and sexual health rights, introduces the status of the sexual health rights of migrant workers and analyze the cause of problems. Finally, this paper puts forward the concrete ways of how to secure the sexual health rights of migrant workers.

¡¾Key words¡¿ Migrant workers, Sexual Health rights, Secure, Analysis


    A Clinical Study on Effect of Bushen Shugan Way in Treating Impotence


CHEN Li and DENG Mingyu

International Association of Chinese Medical Specialist & Psychologists, New York, USA


¡¾Abstract¡¿Based on theory of ancient documents, the author think that Shenxu Ganyu is base of pathogenesis in impotence and Bushen Shugan is essential treatment of impotence. The method is as follows. Use Bushen Shugan Wan among the patients of all kidney-Yang or kidney Qi deficiency. Then conduct random and odd-blind comparison research among those patients. After three months treatment, according to IIEF-5 score and datum line score, compare the variation of serum hormone level. Results showed that the effective rate of 60 cases with Bushen Shugan group(observation group) is 77.5% and the effective rate of 58 cases with Jingui Shenqi Wan group(control group) is 52.5%. There is significant difference between the two groups by statistical analysis(P<0.05). And observation group is superior to control group in all as pests like erecting, intercourse, sexual desire and sexual life satisfaction. Compared with the control group, sex hormone level of T?PRL?LH?E2 in observation group before and after therapy has significant difference, with the exception of FSH, the frequency of common side-effects of observation group is also lower than control group, and the results in animal experiments are similar. The toxicological experiments show that the dose has no any toxic effect in the experimental rats. We can conclude that the treatment of invigorating the kidney and release the liver is superior to the simply reforming the kidney. Bushen Shugan Wan is one of the best prescription for impotence.

¡¾Key words¡¿Bushen Shugan; Impotence; Impotence; IIEF-5