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Volume 4, No 3, September 30, 2011


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International Conference for ¡°Sexuality and Harmonious Society¡± Held Chengdu in China

Mary Lao & Mingyu Deng

<Chinese Sexuality Health Times>, New York, USA

On August 22 ¨C 24, ¡°International Conference for Sexuality and Harmonious Society and 3rd Annual Conference of the World Association of Chinese Sexologists¡± was held Chengdu in China. From Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA and China-mainland, more than 150 experts, scholars and professionals attended the meeting.

   The conference was organized by the World Association of Chinese Sexologists (WACS), Sichuan Sexology Association and the Sichuan Research Center of Sexual Sociology and Sex Education. Professor Fangfu RUAN (Honorary President of the WACS) and Professor Man-lun NG (President of the WACS) was speech at the opening ceremony.

   In three-day conference, participants have around on "Sexuality and the harmonious society" theme, carried out in-depth study and discussion for major issues of impact on social development, family harmony, adolescent healthy development.

In the conference, world-renowned Chinese sexologists together shared their achievements and experience in the field of sexuality research. The symposium had 11 lectures that covered many different frontier topics. The academic communication with rich content, creative topics, wide range, intense and warm discussion turned out to be strongly targeted.

Recent, sex education for children has caused controversy in China-mainland. Many experts said the sex education of children is the proper trends.

The experts and scholars launched wonderful view of the collision. Lively discussion has been made on stage and audience. The participants expressed their notion that this conference has enrich the content and new ideas, for us open a wisdom eye to tell the complicated social phenomena.

Dr. Mingyu Deng Lecture "Contemporary Sexual Counseling and Psycho-behavioral Therapy" in Changchun in China


Mary Lao

<Chinese Sexuality Health Times>, New York, USA


From July 22 to 24, Second Conference of Jilin Province Psycho-counselors Association held in Changchun. Vehicles should be well-known psychologist-Professor Che Wenbo's invitation, Dr. Mingyu Deng of President of the International Society of Chinese Psycho-counselors lectured "Contemporary sexual counseling and psycho-behavioral therapy" for more than 100 counselors and other psychological professionals.

Dr. Deng lectured the basic concepts of sexual psychology, basic characteristics of human sexual response cycle, standard of psychosexual health, range and basic procedures of sexual counseling, identification points of sexual dysfunctions and psychosexual disorders, and basic method of sexual psycho-behavior treatment. Dr. Deng is engaged his 27 years of clinical experience in sex psychological counseling and behavioral therapy, referenced of large number of clinical cases in the teaching, allow participants to benefit.

In 1980s in the last century, Dr. Mingyu Deng is a key member of the academic team of Professor Che Wenbo. in two monographs of the "Encyclopedia of Counseling" and "Psychological Treatment Guidelines" had been editor by Professor Che, Psycholosexial counseling and treatment of sexual psycholo-behavioral content written mainly by Dr. Deng. More than twenty years later, Professor Che gave a high evaluation for Dr Deng¡¯s achievements in the human sexuality and the applied psychology fields.



Opponents Push For Abstinence-Only Option in NYC Sex Education Curriculum

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork, September 26) - Sex education is returning to New York City, but not everyone is happy with the curriculum.

WCBS 880¡äs Rich Lamb on the Story

Citing concerns over abortion and out-of-wedlock births, opponents of the current public school sex education program ¡ª including the Chiaroscuro Foundation¡¯s Greg Pfundstein ¡ª want parents to have a more conservative choice for their kids.

¡°We are not asking the city to stop offering sex education. We are asking the city to offer medically-accurate, evidence-based, abstinence-centered education as an alternative for parents who prefer it,¡± said Pfundstein.

Pfundstein went on to say that many parents represented by the foundation believe that children may be getting the wrong message from certain provisions in the sex ed curriculum.

¡°When you tell kids ¡®you should be abstinent, but if you¡¯re not abstinent, here¡¯s how you use a condom, here¡¯s where you get contraception.¡¯  It gives something of a wink and a nod to sexual activity,¡± Pfundstein said.

The Rev. Michael Faulkner was blunt about the new curriculum, saying ¡°listen, the kind of program was introduced in our schools twenty years ago. It has been a dismal failure.¡±

1010 WINS¡¯ Stan Brooks Hears from Greg Pfundstein

Faulkner says kids in his congregation want to know how to say no.

Starting in the spring, kids as young as 11 will be learning about the birds and bees, even how to use condoms. It is the first time in twenty years that sex ed will be taught in New York City public school classrooms.

Opponents said they agree with the program¡¯s goals, but insist parents should have the abstinence-only alternative rather than have their kids learn about condoms and other contraceptives.

Mandatory Sex-Ed Classes Returning To New York City Public Schools

Starts In Spring with 6th Graders;

Catholic League Expresses Strong Opposition


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork, August 10) ¨C After 20 years, mandatory sex education is back in New York City public schools.

Starting in the spring, kids as young as 11 will be learning about the birds and bees, even how to use condoms.

As CBS 2¡¯s Dave Carlin reports, some parents are worried about the sex-ed mandate, saying the Department of Education is rushing into it.

¡°I had a health class but sex was not one of the topics in my health class,¡± 17-year-old high school senior Kaya Simmons told Carlin on Wednesday.

WCBS 880¡äs Paul Murnane reports:Learning About The Birds And The Bees

Simmons said he had zero sex education in his city public schools, but it will soon be mandatory for all students in sixth or seventh grades, with another round of it in ninth or 10th grades.

¡°The goal is we want to help young people make better decisions about sex,¡± Department of Health and Human Services Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs.

The topics abstinence, using condoms, unplanned pregnancies and STDs, are currently taught in some city schools, but not all.

1010 WINS¡¯ Stan Brooks reports: Sex-Ed Is Back

Bill Donahue of the Catholic League said mandatory sex-ed is wrong and should not be rushed into the schools without public hearings.

¡°The entire idea is culturally irresponsible and morally insane,¡± Donahue said. ¡°Our kids cannot even read and write according to standard and now you are going to take more time out of the classroom to talk about this?¡±

Some angry parents said they want to see all the lesson plans ahead of time. They are worried what will be taught to sixth graders could be too adult.

¡°If they don¡¯t have the curriculum all mapped out so they can tell me as a parent first what they are going to tell my child, yes, I have a problem with that,¡± said Wendy Barnolyons of the Bronx.

The instruction is based on recommended curriculums. Principals may consider those lesson plans, and also alter them.


¡°Parents who choose either for religious reasons or because they want it to be a conversation between themselves and the child ¡­ they can opt out,¡± Gibbs said.

But that still didn¡¯t sit well with everyone.

¡°I think you¡¯re taking away the innocence from the child,¡± one Washington Heights man told WCBS 880¡äs Paul Murnane.

However, others were on board with the decision. Corinne Apton of Brooklyn said she¡¯s happy for the extra help keeping her son, Max, in the know about sex, responsibility and staying safe.

¡°He is going into fifth grade so I have another year before middle school,¡± said Apton, adding when asked if starting in sixth grade is a better idea, ¡°That¡¯s fine by me. I have no problem with it.¡±

¡°They are going to learn it someday so it might as well be at school,¡± another man said.

¡°Kids need to be educated, whether they¡¯re having sex or not,¡± one mother said.

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said sex ed is an important part of a good education. Planned Parenthood of New York City also applauded the move.

¡°We are pleased to see the city finally taking action on this important issue,¡± said Joan Malin, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood. ¡°For far too long, too many of New York¡¯s young  people have been missing out on this vital information.¡±

Malin said she believes the mandate doesn¡¯t go far enough and thinks sex education should be taught every year in every grade.

¡°Data show that when young people do have access to age-appropriate, comprehensive education ¡ª which can include abstinence, they tend to use protection and make better decisions about their health,¡± Malin told 1010 WINS.

The parental opt-out forms will be sent home with all students before the start of the spring semester. Teachers and principals are being brought up to speed on the new requirement and training classes for staff will be offered ahead of the first day of school.


Research and Analysis for the Personality¡¯s Character, Mental Health Status and Sexual Function on 230 cases of Heroine Abuser


Mingyu Deng1, M.D, PhD. Junke Zhang2, M.D. and Terry Lee3, Ph.D.

1. Institute for Oriental-Western Human Sexuality, New York, USA

2. Sexual Medical Center, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, USA

3. Department of Clinical Psychology, City University of New York

Objective: By exploring the personality¡¯s character, mental health status and sexual function of heroine abuser, we hope that it could offer beneficial reference to take measure on psychological intervention and treatment.

Method: 230 cases of heroine abuser were selected. We have studied the social character of demography, sexual psychology, sexual behaviors, and sexual function by questionnaire. With the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), Cattell's 16 personality factors Test (16PF), Symptom check-list 90 (SCL-90), we test the personality of heroine abuser; the serum hormone levels were examined, including TT,E2,PRL, FSH and LH.

Results: Most of Heroine abuser are young people, most of them are unmarried, middle-school education, individual occupation. The married had very strong marital independence, but the satisfaction degree of them is low. The sexual experience of heroine abuser brought out earlier, they have many sexual partners and more frequencies of coitus, the speed of addiction is rapid. After Heroine abuse, their sexual fantasy decreased the libido decent and sexual dysfunction. There are the high ratio of sexually transmitted disease of heroine abuser.MMPU6PF and SCL-90 have manifested that the psychological health levels of heroine abuser decrease, they have typically different personal character with normal people, particularly displaying summarization, depression, anxiety, psychosis, compulsion and rivalry. Depending upon the testing of hormones, we find that the serum TT, PRL, LH level in male sample group is decreased, but the serum FSH level rises. In the female sample group, TT, E2, PRL also decreased. Their serum hormone level is no difference among the different style of drug abuse, and different withdrawal period.

Conclusions: The study main infested that the heroine abusers psychological covers most part of psychological metamorphosis. The heroine abuses not only do damage abuser¡¯s sexual function, but also can lead to the family description and social unsafely.

Key words: Heroine Abuser; Sexual Function; Personality¡¯s character; Mental health status; Hormone


A Clinical Study of Zhi-bai-di-huang-wan with Prozac Treat Premature Ejaculation


Li Chen, M.D. and Mingyu Deng, M.D., Ph.D.

International Association of Chinese Medical Specialists & Psychologists, New York


Premature Ejaculation (PE) is one of the most common Sexual Dysfunction. There is no consentaneous diagnose criterion of PE, most of the reports say that it means the time of sexual intercourse is very short, even ejaculated when the erectile penis not insert vagina or just in it but without vellicate, and the normal sexual intercourse can¡¯t continue, it belong to the male ejaculation dysfunction disease. Recent years, some expert at home and abroad trend towards to call all sorts expressions of PE as ¡°Fast Ejaculation¡±, includes the latent period of ejaculation is too short, can¡¯t make partner satisfied and can¡¯t control the impulse of ejaculation. The treatment includes medicine therapy, education of sexual knowledge, psychology therapy and sexual behavior therapy, to serious patients, operation therapy is also can be used, in order to rebuilt the normal ejaculation habit . In the literature overview part of the paper, separately sum up the study of PE in modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine fields in recent years. Introduced the progress of modern medicine with concept, epidemiology, diagnose criterion, pathogenic factor and pathogenesis, and all kinds of therapy methods. At the same time introduced the progress of traditional Chinese medicine with pathogenic factor and pathogenesis, clinical differentiation of syndromes, internal and external use of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage treatment, also analyzed the clinical curative effect, point out the present problem and prospect the outlook of PE study. In the clinical study part of the paper, we apply the diagnose criterion of DSM-¢ô-TR, and must meet the deficiency of yin with excess of yang syndrome. 128 patients whom accorded with the criterion were divided into three groups randomly, one of them is treat group and the other is control group. The treat group were given Zhi-bai-di-huang-wan and Prozac (Fluoxetine) take orally, while the control ¢ñgroup just take Prozac, control ¢ògroup just take Zhi-bai-di-huang-wan. All groups were take 30 days as one course of treatment, and return visit each 10 days during the course of treatment to record the patient¡¯s condition before and after the therapy, when one course of treatment is finished, follow-up visit the patients3monthstoevaluate the curative effect. Results: the cure rate of treat group is 58.2%, total effective rate is 89.6%; the cure rate of control¢ñgroup is 23.5%, total effective rate is 71.3%, the cure rate of control¢ògroup is 29.2%, total effective rate is 74.5%.statistics data proved that the cure rate and total effective of treat groups obviously higher than control group. In the end of the paper, discuss the pathogenic factor and pathogenesis, clinical differentiation of syndromes, modern and traditional Chinese medicine of PE, evaluated the curative effect of Zhi-bai-di-huang-wan and Prozac to treat PE with deficiency of yin with excess of yang syndrome.

Key words: Premature ejaculation; Zhi-bai-di-huang-wan; Prozac; Deficiency of Yin with excess of Yang syndrome; Clinical study


The Study of Sexual Health Knowledge and Sexual-Related Behavior among College students in Anhui and Sichuan


Chi Xinli

Division of Learning, Development and Diversity, Faculty of Education,

Hong Kong University, Hong Kong


Abstract: This study investigated sexual health knowledge and sexual-related behavior of college students in Anhui and Sichuan by using sexual health knowledge scale and sexual-related behavior questionnaire. The results revealed that college students in the two regions were quite lack of sexual health knowledge and sexual health knowledge level of female college students was significantly lower than that of male college students. Sexual-related behavior active and showed diversity trends, showing male had significantly more sexual activities than women. It suggested that Chinese college students need sex education, especially sexual health knowledge education for female students, sexual health behavior education for male students. Besides, sexual and gender diversity, gender education, sexuality and law education should also be concerned.

Key words: College students; Sexual Health Knowledge; Sexual-Related Behavior; Sex Education


The Research of Male Reproductive Health Status

Wang Ke

College of Life Sciences, Henan normal university, Xinxiang Henan 453007


¡¾Abstract¡¿ The people of modern society  have more  and more  competition, the pressure of a growing,and increasingly fast rhythm of life. The environment pollution is also becoming more and more serious, men's reproductive health issues have becoming more and more serious. This article has a detailed description of male reproductive health Status¡¢the cause of  male reproductive health issues  and  resolve the method of male reproductive health problems.

¡¾Key words¡¿  Male Reproductive Health Issues,  Status,  Reason,  Resolve the Method