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Volume 3, No 2, June 30, 2010


Publisher: NG Man-Lun, M.D.

Advisor: RUAN Fangfu, M.D., Ph.D.

Chief Editor: DENG Mingyu, M.D., Ph.D.



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2010 Second International Conference in Chinese Sexuality

(October 28 ¨C 30, 2010, Guangzhou, China)


By: World Association of Chinese Sexologists (WACS)

    Guangdong Province Sexology Association


Dear colleagues:

World Association of Chinese sexologists drawn in by the end of October 2010, at the 8th China (Guangzhou) Sex Culture Festival held during the United 2010 Second International Conference in Chinese Sexuality. Global Chinese sexologist will gather in Guangzhou to participate in this festival of culture, to discuss many of today's sex research theory and practical issue. Through the exchange, will further promote the development of research in the world of Chinese Sexuality.

Dates of conference are three days, which participated in the day of festival activities. Participants need to pay the registration fee RMB 600 yuan. 5 or more teams, and in October 20, 2010 registration pay fee 80%. Members of executive Committee of the World Association of Chinese sexologists exempt from registration fees.

Welcome to Guangzhou!



May 20, 2010 Registration

August 31, 2010 Abstract delivery deadline

September 10, 2010 Notification of Acceptance

September 20, 2010 Confirmation of date and place for conference

September 30, 2010 Paper delivery deadline

October 20, 2010 Full text delivery & registration deadline

October 27, 2010 Checking in

October 28-29, 2010 Second International Conference in Chinese Sexuality

October 30, 2010 Attend the 8th China (Guangzhou) Sex Culture Festival Opens




1, the history of sexology

2, sexual morality and sexual ethics

3, sexual rights

4, sexual cultural construction

5, sexuality theory of ancient / modern / contemporary

6, forward-looking theory of sexuality

7, experimental studies of Sexology

8, exploration and research of psychosexual

9, sexual health care: theory and practice

10, research for network sexuality and sex blog

11, adult sex products industry, current situation, problems and development

12, development and prospects of contemporary sexual medicine

13, sexual dysfunction and related diseases, basic and clinical research

14, sexual and reproductive health and reproductive barriers to basic and clinical research

15, research and practice of sexual medicine in traditional Chinese medicine

16, sexually transmitted diseases, basic and clinical research

17, sexual health counseling and education, theory and practice

18, sexual medical care equipment, new drug research, development and application in

19, sexy focus training, management and implementation

20, treatment of sexual dysfunction, new technology

21, sexual medicolegal identification technology

22, sex law study and discuss

23, training and management of sexual medical counselor

24, sexual cross-cultural perspective

25, sex aesthetic analysis and appreciation in story / film / theater / art / music / sculpture and other kinds of literature and art

26, sex in religious / media

27, sexual laws

28, analysis of sex status to specific male / female group

29, analysis of sexual role of male and female

30, research for difference of psychosexual and sex behavior in male and female

31, sexual and gender communication

32, research of sexual orientation

33, difference and comparison of sexhuality education at Internal and abroad

34, sexuality and gender education, present situation and analysis

35, sexuality higher education, development status and problem




Address: Guangdong Province Sexology Association

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Secretary: LIN Yunyun




Vaginal Erogenous Zones are a Kind of Functional Status


Prof. RUAN Fangfu, M.D., Ph.D[1]


Abstract: This paper outlines the term establishment of G-Spot and its nomination, and the long-time unsolved controversy over the G-Spot and the associated female ejaculation. The author proposes "vaginal erogenous zones are a kind of functional status," in order to resolve and unified the opposite proofs and to eliminate the opposition.

Key words: G-Spot, Vaginal erogenous zones, female ejaculation, functional status,


Investigation on Soldiers' Sex Psychology and Behavior

Prof. HAN Xiangqian.
The Nanjing Institute of Politics of PLA, Nanjing 210003, P. R. China
Abstract  Objective  To investigate soldiers' sexual psychology, behavior, knowledge and attitude toward sex.
Methods 204 soldiers were investigated by self-made questionnaire about sex. Results  The percentages of those
who were regardful of sex were 22.7%(female) and 50.6%(male), the percentages of those who liked to affiliate
with opposite sex were 59.1%(female) and 75.0%(male), the percentages of those who had girlfriends or boyfriends
were 51.3% (male) and 54.6% (female), the percentages of those who had sex fantasy were 56.6% (female) and
82.5% (male), the percentages of those who had sex dream were 38.7% (female) and 95.7% (male), the percentages
of those who had masturbation were 9.1% (female) and 40.6% (male), the percentages of those who accepted sex
without marriage were 40.9% (female) and 65.0% (female). Conclusion   There were much common between soldiers 
and general youth, but there were particularity in soldiers. The sex education of soldiers was imperative under the situation.
Key words  Soldiers; Sex psychology; Sex behavior

A Research to Male¡¯s Sexual Behavior Related Trauma in American-Chinese in New York


Prof. DENG Mingyu M.D., Ph.D.

The Institute for Oriental Western Human Sexuality, New York, USA


Abstract: Objective: To analysis and research to types, risk factors, prevention and treatment of male¡¯s sexual behavior related trauma in Chinese in New York. Methods: The medical records of 58 cases of male patients with sexual behavior related trauma that was admitted to 3 hospitals was reviewed. Results: Age of patients is 18-39 years old, medial age is 24.6 years old. 23 cases with married, 29 cases with single 9 cases with widower. 5 cases with college education, 53 cases with middle school and lower education. In the 58 cases, 18 cases with rupture of cavernous body of penis, 13 cases with paraphimosis, 9 cases with frenum laceration, 6 cases with urethral contusion or laceration, 5 cases with penis contusion or laceration, 4 cases with incarceration of penis by metallic ring and 3 cases with broken penis dorsal vein. The risk factors included: 23 cases with masturbation, 18 cases with violent coitus, 9 cases with sex of mouth and 8 cases with sodomite (sex of anus). 58 patients was recovery who had been treated at medicament or/and operation. Conclusions: Sexual behavior related trauma in males mainly occurs in the sexual active young men. Risk factors were low education level, scarcity of sexual knowledge, masturbation, violent coitus, sex of mouth and anus. To prevent the sexual behavior related trauma in male, it is necessary to promote healthy sex education and provide sexual counseling service.

Kew words: Sexual behavior, Sexual behavior related trauma, Male


LesbianWomen¡¯sMarriages and Families: A Challenge to the Traditional Marriage System

CHEN Yaya, Ph.D.

Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences


Abstract: Gay marriages have attracted attention in reports and studies in recent years, but there are very few studies of lesbian marriages. Lesbian marriages significantly differ from those among gaymen and the two should not be put into the same category. With the method of Internet participation observation, this paper examines the Chinese lesbian women¡¯s marriages and families. The author selected three focal top ics in the Internet forums: marriage in form only, extramarital affairs, and parent-child relationships. The analysis was around the reality of the marriage-related pressures and


dilemmas experienced by the lesbians. The reflection was about the limitations of the traditional marriage system and its expulsion of the homosexual partnership. Finally, a proposal was advanced that we should gradually raise people¡¯s awareness so that it would be possible to have the traditionalmarriage system revised so that all parties involved would enjoy a satisfying identity and life security.

Key words: extramarital affairs, lesbian, marriage in form only, parent-child relationship, traditionalmarriage system


Experiment study on Traditional Chinese Medicine combined Modern Medicine in Treating AsAb Positive Male Mice

¡ªExperiment study on QianLieShuTong plus L-carnitine in treating AsAb positive male mice


GAO Guo,  XU Ning,  XU Ji-xiu[2],  LIU Lei£¬GUO Qiang

Dept. of Urology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi Medical Univ., Taiyuan, China, 030001


Abstract: Objective: To explore the efficacy of L-carnitine plus QianLieShuTong in treating immunological infertility of male mice. Methods: With the same kinds of sperm and Freund's adjuvant immunization Kunming male mice, ELISA method validation to obtain animal models of immune infertility, while the establishment of the normal control group; were given L-carnitine plus QianLieShuTong, L-carnitine, QianLieShuTong, Prednisone, normal saline, by gavages, in one month; Optical density values measured by microplate reader (optical density, OD value) observed drug treatment effects on serum AsAb; Weili Automatic Computer sperm analysis to measure the sperm density, linear velocity and live rates, and statistical analysis. Results: Determination of OD values compared: combined treatment group, L-carnitine group, Qianlieshutong group, prednisone group OD values were lower than the saline group, the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05); L-carnitine group OD value higher than the front passage on group and prednisone group, but no statistical significance (P>0.05); combined treatment group although the OD values lower than the L-carnitine group, through group and prednisone Qianlieshutong group , but can not think that the difference was statistically significant (P>0.05). Determination of sperm parameters showed: L-carnitine group and the combined treatment group Qianlieshutong the parameters of the sperm is superior to L-carnitine group, Qianlieshutong group, prednisone group, the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05), and compared with the control group no significant difference (P>0.05); animal model group sperm parameters of four treatment groups


compared with the saline group had different degrees of improvement was statistically significant (P<0.05); the saline group of three sperm parameters were lower than the control group, the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusions: L-carnitine plus QianLieShuTong can heal immunological infertility of male mice.

Key words: immunological infertility£¬AsAb£¬male mice


Dangerous Masculinity: the Problematisation of ¡®Johns¡¯ in Contemporary Taiwan


Hua-Fu Hsu [1], Ph.D., Wan-Chen Yen [2], Ph.D.Student

1. Department and Graduate Institute of Criminology, National Chung-Cheng University, Chia-Yi, Taiwan

2. Department of Sociology£¬University of Essex


Abstract: Based on qualitative research apprach of content analysis on newspapers, this study argues that if men's sexual purchase is viewed as a social disorder, the concern toward the social disorder in Taiwanese society gradually moved from the emphasis of nationalized and collectivized benefits to the highlighting of individual interests at a personal level. The shifting perception of men's sexual buying manifested the changing expectations toward sexuality/gender under a different political atmosphere. The changing expectation of sexual purchase is related to the development of political atmosphere.


A Study of Sexual Character Transfer into the Life Products Development ¨C As an Example for the Stationery Product Development

Tsung-Hsing Wang, Tin-Yi Cheng

Department of Life Product Design, Shu-Te University, Taiwan


With the progress of the society and the variety of life styles, the concept and perspectives on sex are different from those in the past. Sex has been no longer an inhibited topic. With the company of such


multiple information resources as mass media and the Internet, they bring people more sexually open concepts. However, for some teenagers, they lack correct understanding on sex, which leads to several social problems caused by sex.

Based on the sexually open concepts and the promotion of sexual needs, sex can be developed and learned. While positive development and learning can enrich the interest of sex, negative development may bring about tragedies. The sex education and learning depends on whether the attitude and mentality is correct. For the purpose of teaching people correct sex knowledge while not making them feel embarrassed, this research attempts to introduce sex products into life, granting it a profound educational meaning, by way of product development. Distinguished from the products emphasizing the sexual interest, the product of this research will be take sexual character as original thought, and transfer into the life products development. In the mean time, it will be presented with a humorous style. This research will include from market survey, product analysis, diagrammatic sketch, rendering drawing, to final functional models. The final goal of this research is to introduce sex products into life, hoping that they can enlighten the correct sex knowledge among the teenagers, at the same time mend the attitude of teenagers toward sex and sexual behavior.


Family Countermeasures for Pupils to be Far Away from Infringement of Sex of ¡°Brutish Teacher¡±

ZHONG  Zhaohui

Department of Editoral, Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences,

Chongqing , 402160 China

Abstract: Objectives: In recent years, the incidents that the girls of primary school suffered infringement of sex of ¡°brutish teacher¡± have happened occasionally and the children have been ruined psychologically and physically. This article is started with the pupils¡¯ serial incidents of infringement of sex of ¡°brutish teacher¡±,and then analyzes the reasons of such m alignant incidents from the perspective of family. Finally this paper probes into the family countermeasures for children to be far away from infringement of sex.

Key words: Pupil; Infringement of sex; Self-protection education; Legal education






Prevalence of High-risk Behavior and HIV Infection among Service Women in Fengtai District in Beijing


BAI Junmei, SHI Wenya, XIE Huoyang, QU Youming,

ZE Chunxia, TIAN Manli, ZHANG Hong

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of Fengtai District, Beijing, China


Abstract: Objectives: To know about the vulnerability to HIV/STDs and the prevalence of HIV infection and syphilis among service women. Methods: A questionnaire survey was carried out among 270 service women in 12 Karaoke clubs, using cluster sampling. Blood samples were collected from 165 service women and were tested for HIV antibody and syphilis. Results: The median age of the women was 23 years old, 98.1% service women came from other provinces. The median age of sex debut was 19 years old, and the median age of their first commercial sex was 22 years old, the rate of HIV knowledge awareness was 78.1%, 72.6% of the women reported having had commercial sex. Among the sex workers, 63.1% reported consistent condom use with their clients. The prevalence of syphilis was 3.03%, no one was detected as anti-HIV positive. Conclusion: Generally speaking, service women know well about HIV/AIDS, but the rate of consistent condom use was still not high enough, some of service women were not motivated to prevent HIV/AIDS. The rate of self reported symptom of reproductive tract infection was high, service women were vulnerable to HIV/STDs, it is urgent to carry out target intervention activities among this population.

Key words:  prevalence; service women; AIDS; Karaoke club


Sex Principles in Mythological Culture

CHEN Shizhen
School of Philosophy, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China 110872


¡¾Abstract¡¿ Sexual behaviors of human being are based on some biological features£¬yet they should also comply with certain social and cultural rules which are the products of historical development. Mythology£¬as the global primitive culture£¬records the development process of rules governing human sexual behavior from a specific perspective. Healthy sexual behavior rules are the crystallization of long-time human wisdom. Exploring the mythologies recording the development of human sexual behavior rules are helpful for our understanding of human sexual behavior.
¡¾Key words¡¿Mythological culture£» Sexual behavior rules

[1] Fang-fu Ruan, M.D., Ph.D., ACS, ABS, FAACS

Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Human Sexuality, Shu-Te University, Kaoshiung, 82445 Taiwan; Professor, The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco., CA, USA; Honorary Professor, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Advisor, Research Center of Sexology, Peking University Medical Center, Beijing, China; Honorary President & Chief Supervisor, World Association of Chinese Sexologists (WACS); Advisor, China Sexology Association; Advisor, Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality in Taiwan.


[2] Correspondence to: XU Ji-xiu, E-mail: