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Volume 2, No 4, December 30, 2009


Publisher: NG Man-Lun, M.D.

Advisor: RUAN Fangfu, M.D., Ph.D.

Chief Editor: DENG Mingyu, M.D., Ph.D.



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Third Council of the International Society of Chinese Sexuality Health have been Presented

Mary LAO

<Chinese Sexuality Health Times> in USA


International Society of Chinese Sexuality Health (ISCSH) is a non-profit research organization established in New York on 1999. ISCSH have more than 900 members in America, Canada, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, France, Ireland, Norway, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, et al. Third council of ISCSH have been elected by web communication in October 2009.

The Third Academic Forum of the ISCSH was held on October 23th -25th, 2009 in Qingdao in China. Prof. Mingyu Deng (president of the Institute for Oriental-Western Human Sexuality) preside forum. He proclaim 6 gainers of First International Prize of Monica Youth Sexology. They are Dr. Sixian Lee, Dr. Gang Fang, Dr. Xiaoyang Xu, Dr. Jun Chen, Ms. Wan-jin Lin and Ms. Yu-chi Chen.

Third council of ISCSH electoral President is Prof. Mingyu Deng (USA); Vice Presidents are Prof. Man-lun Ng (Hong Kong), Prof. Edwin H. Yen (Taiwan) and Prof. Peicheng Hu (China); Honorary President is Prof. Fangfu Ruan. Council includes 86 members and 9 honorary members from Chinese sexologists in whole world.

The activities of ISCSH comprise academic communion of human sexuality, research to sexology and sexuality health career, develop sexuality education and sexual counseling service for whole people from birth to agedness life). Aim of ISCSH is advance sexual health level of whole people in all over the world.





Members of Third Council of the International Society of Chinese Sexuality Health

(October 2009)


Honorary President: RUAN Fangfu

President: DENG Mingyu

Vice Presidents: NG Man-lun, YEN Edwin H., HU Peicheng

Honorary Councilors: LIU Dalin, WANG Xiaodao, ZHU Qi, HU Tingyi, HE Zhiming, CAO Xingwu,

SI Chengli, SONG Shugong

Execute Councilors: DU Wendong, GUAN Renlong, HO Chuen-juei, JENG Cherng-Jye, LAN Fangxing, LI Yinghe, LI Yong, LIN Yen-Chin, MA Xiaonian, PAN Suiming, PENG Xiaohui, QU Mingan, TAO Lin, WU Xiaoling, WEN Jung-Kwang, XU Jixiu, YANG Ming-lei, ZHANG Bin, ZHANG Zuhong,

Councilors: A Hai, CHANG Popie, CHEN Jun, CHEN Yaya, CHEN Yi-chi, CHIANG Han-Sun, CHIEN Shan-chi, DING Li, DU Zhan (John), DONG Yuzheng, FAN Wei, FAN Minsheng, FANG Gang, GAU Song-Jing, GU Xiao, GU Yuqi, FENG Rong, FENG Su-zeng, HAN Yan, HE Qinghu, HE Shanshan, HU Hongxia, HU Ping, HUANG Li, LAI D. K., LAN Huaien, LEE LEE Tony Szu-Hsien, LI Bian, LI Hongkuan, LIANG Jihong, LIN Huiying, LIN Yi, LIN Wanjin, LIU Wenli, Liu Yage (Farrer James), LIU Yun, MA Liang, MENG Xianwu, NI Xiaoli, NING Yingbing, PEI Yuxing, PENG Tao, PI Chia-Wei, QING Bo, WANG Fang (Francy), WANG Yaotang, WANG Xuefeng, WANG Zhirou, WEI Yiquan, WEI Xinxin, WU Ying, XU Zhaoshou, XU Xiaoyang, XU Zhenglei, YANG Congcai, YANG Jingrui, ZHANG Beichuan, ZHANG Jing, ZHANG Jiahua, ZHANG Meimei, ZHAO Hejun, ZHU Mingyuan, ZHU Pingyan.

Secretary-general: LI Yong

Vice Secretary-generals: YANG Minglei, XU Jixiu, LI Mingying




Sexual Oppression Vs Sexual Freedom: Q & A

Fang-fu Ruan[1]

Both sexual oppression and sexual freedom are very common topics which people interested in. Today, 2009/10/14, I typed and checked them in, ¡°sexual oppression¡± was showed 4,700,000 items and ¡°sexual freedom¡± 405,000,000 items. 4.7 million is really a big figure, it means many people concern sexual oppression, but 405 million is much more than that, almost 100 times, it may mean that many many people want to have and enjoy sexual freedom in the world.

Q: How would you describe sexual oppression, and what is the consequences of sexual oppression?

A:  Individuals and societies have some kinds of sexual norm, or say there are personal norms and social norms of sexual behaviors.

Sexual oppression is a kind of restrictive sexual norms, it also may be regarded as encouraging chastity, "sexual self-restraint" or "sexual decency".  It is a negative attitude towards to sex.  In a sexual oppressive society/culture, homosexuality, bisexuality, masturbation, pre-marital sex, polygamy, extramarital sex , Sexual minority unusual sex behaviors, and even many other heterosexual special sexual behaviors are not acceptable totally or partially.

The consequences are social inequality and discrimination in sexual orientation and preferences, even causing hate crimes, resulting in social conflicts and unhappy.

A sexual oppressive society may become a hypocrisy society, people do all and everything they like underground, government officers, even higher officials do same thing which are banned in public in a secret and cheating conditions, and they may freely using these social ban to attack or arrest the political dissidences, so sex being used as a political tool. It¡¯s a social pity.

Actually sexual oppressive policies are against human rights especially sexual rights. If one do not hurt anyone else, he/she do sex himself/herself or with partner(s) who agree with each other(s), any kind of sexual relations and/or sexual behaviors should be their own business, the society or anyone else should have no rights to interfere them.


If people allow the sexual rights be limited, restricted and oppressed, the other and many human rights will be followed to be limited, restricted and oppressed also. It¡¯s really a big social pity too.

Q: What does sexual freedom means? Is it true that sexual freedom leads to decadence, and weakening of family values and culture?

A: Comparatively, sexual freedom can be described as non-restrictive sexual norms, or may be called "sexual liberation" or "free love", and so on. It is a positive attitude towards to sex. 

From the viewpoint of sexual freedom, the term ¡°normal¡± is actually a spectrum. In other words, rather than each act being simply classified as "acceptable" or "not acceptable", in practice many acts are viewed as "more or less accepted" by different people, and the opinion on how normal or acceptable they are greatly depends on the individual making the opinion as well as the culture itself. Based on information gained from sexological studies, a great many ordinary people's sex lives are very often quite different from popular beliefs about normal, in private.[2]

In a sexual freedom society/culture, homosexuality, bisexuality, masturbation, pre-marital sex, polygamy, extramarital sex , Sexual minority unusual sex behaviors, and many other heterosexual special sexual behaviors are acceptable totally or partially. If one do not hurt anyone else, he/she do sex himself/herself or with partner(s) who agree with each other(s), any kind of sexual relations and/or sexual behaviors are their own business, the society or anyone else have no rights to interfere them.

There are no right or wrong sexual behaviors, only the sexual behaviors selected by themselves.  People do what they want to do or they like to do, not the society or anyone else order or allow them to do.  Just like the WAS DECLARATION OF SEXUAL RIGHTS (1999) stated that:

1. The right to sexual freedom. Sexual freedom encompasses the possibility for individuals to express their full sexual potential. However, this excludes all forms of sexual coercion, exploitation and abuse at any time and situations in life.

2. The right to sexual autonomy, sexual integrity, and safety of the sexual body. This right involves the ability to make autonomous decisions about one's sexual life within a context of one's own personal and social ethics. It also encompasses control and enjoyment of our own bodies free from torture, mutilation and violence of any sort.

3. The right to sexual privacy. This involves the right for individual decisions and behaviors about intimacy as long as they do not intrude on the sexual rights of others.

4. The right to sexual equity. This refers to freedom from all forms of discrimination regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, race, social class, religion, or physical and emotional disability.


5. The right to sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure, including autoeroticism, is a source of physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual well being.

Because sexual freedom excludes all forms of sexual coercion, exploitation and abuse at any time and situations in life, so sexual freedom do leads to decadence, and weakening of family values and culture. You do what you want to do, so you can stick on what you like.  You do not need to follow others. In the other hands, others do nod need to follow what you selected too.

The new rule in a society of freedom is that people have the rights to do things they like, as long as they do not intrude on the rights of others. Everybody be protected, not only you, and not only others too.

The soul and the basis of sexual freedom is autonomy oneself and respect other¡¯s autonomy at the same time. The absolutely freedom without any limitation is not the case in sexual freedom. Sexual freedom only means and exists in that do not intrude on the sexual rights of others. Sexual freedom means nobody hurt, nobody be forced, and everybody be happy.


The Investigation and Research for Psychosexual State and Sex Behavior in Chinese Undergraduates of New Resident in USA

Mingyu Deng1, Youping Wang2, Qinglian Li3, Yong Li4, Ming Deng-Yun5,

Hong Yuan6, Li Chen6, Lei Gong6, Jing Tang6, Peter Yun1, Anna Xu7,

Terry Lee8, Mary Lao3, Qian Zhou9, Linda Dong6


1, American College of East-west Health Science (New York);

2, Albambra Medical University (Los Angeles);

3, Chinese Psychology and Health Time,

4, The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (San Francisco)

5, Colombia University Medical Center ( New York);

6, Chinese Community Counseling Center in New York;

7, International Association of Chinese Medical Specialists & Psychologists

8, Yale University Medical Center

9, Queens College of the City University of New York

10, Department of Psychology, Northwestern University (Chicago)

11, Department of Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles


Objective: In order to understand the status quo of psychosexuality and sexual behavior among Chinese undergraduates studying in USA, and to discuss the importance of developing sexual counseling and sexuality education for Chinese undergraduates. Method: To conduct "Psychosexuality and Sexual Behavior Questionnaire Investigation" to 126 Chinese undergraduates from five universities in USA. Results: The majority of Chinese undergraduates have misgivings for sexual behavior in university, and are cautious about sexual behavior for fear of possible consequences. Chinese undergraduates have received less sexuality education, they relatively lack sexual knowledge, but they also have the desire of learning sexual knowledge. Conclusions: Universities and colleges are the last station of public sexuality education, which should become the main platform for sexual counseling and sexual education in the light of the fact that Chinese undergraduates in USA generally lack sexual knowledge. Therefore, it is necessary to launch comprehensive sexuality education among Chinese undergraduates.

[Key word] Chinese undergraduates; New resident; Psychosexuality; Sexual Behavior; Sexual knowledge; Sexuality education


Bestiality in Erotic Art

Chih-Chien Chou

Graduate School of Human Sexuality, Shu-Te University, Taiwan

Zoophilia refers to sexual relations with animals, More accurately defined as "human beings have a non-human animals or sexual desire intimacy of a special love. The purpose of this study are related to the collection of Chinese and foreign zoophilia scenes Erotic Art. The use of text in the method of analysis in the zoophilia of the presentation screen. Results in the study is divided into the following to explore. In which the animals have sex with a horse in the most. In addition women are more often to have sexual relations with animals. Respect the choice of the proposed open-minded.


Why Shame Often Connected to Sexuality?

Francy F. Wang

Asian Initiative in Mental Health, Toronto Western Hospital,

 University Health Network, Canada

Author discusses the relationship between sexuality and shame from the perspectives of culture and psychology/psychoanalysis. Concept of shame, how shame feeling is stimulated and where shame usually comes from will be discussed. Historical and cultural factors - history in general and Chinese history and culture factors--will also be discussed.  You will see how women become the victims in the process. At the end of the article, author will also discuss how shame is still connected to sexuality in the age of ¡°sexual freedom¡± and how individuals are affected by the shame feeling.



The Variation of Campus Dream ¨C Experiences of Unexpected Pregnancy on Campus

WU Peifeng1  LIU Xinyuan2

1, National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan;

2, Chang Gung Institute of Technology, Taiwan

The purpose of this study was to explore the psychosocial process and campus experience of unexpected teenage pregnancy. By using quantitative approach, the participants of the study consisted of three preceptors. Using participant observation, semi-structured, in-depth interview and grounded theory data analysis. The content of these data were transcribed word by word. For establishment of the trustworthiness, the methods of developing trust relationship with participants, triangulation, peer reviewing, member check, and thick description were employed.

This research found that the campus environment of the subjective perception of the experience: 1.besieged on all sides of campus conditions; 2.between the master's goodwill and malice; 3.classmate different heart; 4.learn by herself; 5."give not rise of education " and the shackles of health. Based on the conclusions, the concrete recommendations for national policies, students¡¯ affairs of higher education, the program of friendly campus and the further studies are presented.


A Primary Study of Self-Identity, Will of Sex Reassignment Surgery and Individual Adaptation in Male Patients with Transsexualism

Hsuan-Hsuan Chen1  Chun-Lin Mar2

1, Graduate School of Human Sexuality, Shu-Te University, Taiwan

2, Department of Social Work, National Ping Tung University of Science and Technology

The main purpose of this study is to survey male patients with transsexualism, their self-identity, will of sex reassignment surgery and individual adaptation before their transsexual operation. The methodology of this study is a qualitative study which has four subjects who agreed to be interviewed. The subjects were collected through a semi-constructive deep interview after the study subjects were well informed the purpose of study and the inform consent was signed.

The results of the study are presented as follows:

It was noted that their gender identity is strongly support the brain-sex theory in which there are some congenital factors in brain that influence the self-identify of male patients with transsexualism.

These patients with transsexualism were genetically male. However, they considered themselves were female and urgently liked to be so after transsexual operation and intended to be a complete female physically and psychologically.


In these male patients with transsexualism, when they found their sexual identity was not expected by the social community, they tried all effort to obtain the agreement from their parents and siblings. The families fully support the decision of subjects in this study and respected the way of their dressing as a female. These subjects well-known that they might face the rejection from their schoolmates and friends at school or at work. However, they might take adequate action as a male to prevent the prejudice and discrimination. About the relationship in intimacy, they are all satisfied with their lives at the present before sex reassignment surgery.

The subjects of this study all considered the sex reassignment surgery was the only choice to strengthen their self-identity and the only hope to reach this goal is through the transsexual operation.


An Empirical Study on Impact of Sexual Education at University on Students¡¯ Sexual Mentality and Sexual Behavior

Zhen Hu, Yintao Wu, Jinxin Wang, Jing Cheng

The Sichuan Research Center of Sexuality Sociology and Education, China

Taking the weakening of university sexual education as social function during social transition as background, this study examined the change to sexual education for university students in the provinces of Yunnan , Guizhou , Sichuan .  From the students¡¯ perspective, the article analyses, quantitatively and qualitatively, the impact of university sexual education on students¡¯ sexual mentality and sexual behavior, and emphasizes the importance of reinforcing university sexual education.


Lesbians in China¡¯s Mainland: a Preliminary Sketch

Yaya Chen, Yiqing Chen

Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

In recent years, with the deepening of China¡¯s reform and opening up, people living in China¡¯s mainland have enjoyed more and more freedom in their private lives. Lesbians¡¯ lives have no longer been a secret to the people and the masses have begun to pay attention to them. Although there are far from enough information, data and references to study and research, the lesbian subculture is on its way to develop into a subject. This paper is written to give a brief introduction to the lesbian subculture and lesbians¡¯ lives in China¡¯s mainland. The first part of the paper presents the status quo of the lesbian subculture and the relevant study. The second part of the paper shows lesbians¡¯ lives from the perspective of a lesbian, according to the observations and analyses of discussion in some lesbian network communities.

¡¾Key Words¡¿ Lesbian, China¡¯s mainland, Subculture, Network, Communities, Tomboy


[1] Fang-fu Ruan, M.D., Ph.D., ACS, ABS, FAACS

Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Human Sexuality, Shu-Te University, Kaoshiung, 82445 Taiwan; Professor, The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco., CA, USA; Honorary Professor, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Advisor, Research Center of Sexology, Peking University Medical Center, Beijing, China; Honorary President & Chief Supervisor, World Association of Chinese Sexologists (WACS); Advisor, China Sexology Association; Advisor, Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality in Taiwan.


[2] From Sexual norm in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.